5 Best Printers that Use Generic Ink 2023 Review – More Economical Operation

Why do you need to know the best printers that use generic ink? Well, when it comes to saving money, a generic ink can really help you save tons of money. You need to remember that owning a printer isn’t exactly cheap, especially when you are dealing with the printer’s cartridge. In fact, the cartridge and the ink are the priciest part of having and operating a printer.

What is a generic ink, anyway? Well, all printer manufacturers produce their own cartridge because they want to make sure that the users won’t experience any problem when using the printer. The official and original cartridge are made based on the printer’s specs and features that it should match the printer (you need to remember that printers are different from one another), resulting in the printer’s working just fine and smoothly. However, there are third-party providers that produce ‘universal’ cartridge that is claimed to fit perfectly to ALL kinds of printers.

When you buy a cartridge that isn’t made by the manufacturer itself, there is always a risk that the cartridge doesn’t work well or it doesn’t fit at all. However, a lot of printer users are interested in the generic cartridge (and the ink) because of the idea that they can save up money – in general, more than 20% – when compared to buying the original and official one.

Here are some printers that work just perfectly with the generic cartridge and ink. If you want to buy the generic ink, make sure that the printer is also compatible with it.

HP Office Wireless 4650 Printer

If you are looking for a tough and reliable multifunction printer that can scan, make copies, and print documents (as well as photos), then this one would be right up your alley. Not only this printer has impressive quality, but operating one is a no-brainer at all. The coolest thing about this printer is its ability to work just well with the generic ink. This is an important feature to consider, especially if you are looking for a way to save up money.

As the inkjet photo printer, this device has the main job to print photos and it can do the job quite flawlessly. The color printing is superb and sharp, and you can expect professional quality for the result. Can it be used to print black and white? Absolutely! Even if you print documents, you can expect it to run well with sharp printing outcome. No blur or lousy work. It can also be used as a fax machine. The quality of the copy is also impressive. The included features are touchscreen(for easier work), duplex printing (that can save you paper and operational money), AirPrint, and also wireless printing. And let’s not forget about the laser quality that will ensure professional results.

The printer supports different kinds of paper sizes, including envelopes (the number 10), legal, letter, and many more. Setting it up is straightforward and less complicated – at least when compared to the regular one. Thanks to the wireless technology and also the AirPrint system, printing and making copies of everything (photos or documents) would be such a breeze.

Unfortunately, some users experience a hassle during setup because of the absence of a guide book. It would be great if there is a manual or a guide book along with the printer. Moreover, the printer is pretty big, wide, and heavy. Not everyone is able to handle it. These downsides may not be major, but it would be nice if there is an improvement from the manufacturer.

Canon Business Wireless MX922 Printer

Looking for a printer that can tackle your personal or business needs? This multifunctional device should be able to do the trick! With only one device, you can enjoy a machine that can scan, print, and make copies. And let’s not forget about the quality of the print itself too, because whether you are using colored or black ink, the result will be absolutely smashing.

As one of the best printers that use generic ink, this printer comes with all the handy features and technology. It can send or accept faxes. It supports wireless printing, Google Cloud Print, mobile device printing, and also AirPrint. The document feeder can accommodate more than 30 papers altogether so you won’t have to load papers again and again. The duplex printing ability is also nice without compromising the quality of the printing itself.

A lot of users claim that they enjoy setting this device up as well as operating it. Feel free to make any adjustments that you want because everything is made easy and simple. They also claim that both colored and black printing qualities are just as awesome. With sharp and detailed quality, you can enjoy impressive outcomes without having to spend extra money.

Canon iX6820 Pixma Wireless Printer

If you don’t have a lot of space at home, this machine would be the perfect one for you. With a sleek and compact design, the printer would sit nicely in a limited space. Keep in mind, though, that it isn’t a multifunctional printer which means that you can only use it for printing.

The quality of the print is superb. A lot of users claim that the detailed, bright, and sharp result is the reason why they choose this printer. Although you can also use it for printing documents, a lot of users use it to print photos and images only. And since the printer can also be used with a generic ink is another plus point for the printer – not all printers are compatible with the generic cartridge and ink, anyway.

The only downside is that the limited size when you are using AirPrint. Yes, you can print images from your iPhone or iPad directly but it won’t accommodate all sizes – only certain sizes are allowed. But in the overall quality, this is an impressive printer to have and to operate. You won’t regret having one at home!

Epson Wireless 2750 WF Printer

The printer has its own ink tracking system that will monitor and observe your ink usage. When it detects that your ink is running low, it will make an automatic order so you won’t have to run out of ink. The laser quality is good and pretty satisfying. You can be sure to print photos or documents effortlessly without having to worry about the quality.

The duplex printing system is also handy because it helps you to save up paper – resulting in more economical operational costs. And the paper is able to accommodate 150 sheets just comfortably so you can save up energy and not load the papers often.

Despite the claim that this printer can run well with the generic ink, you should know that not all users experience satisfying outcomes. Yes, some of them have no problems at all with the printer and the generic ink, but some of them do. It’s a heads-up for you in the event that you want to buy the machine.

Brother MFCJ895DW Wireless Multifunction Printer

As you are well aware, not all generic ink would be compatible with the printer so you need to really know whether your printer can handle such an ink or not. If you have this variant from Brother, you are lucky because it is one of the best printers that use generic ink – and it works wonders.

The printer supports mobile printing, which means that you can find features like WiFi Direct, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, AirPrint, Mopria, and iPrint&Scan from Brother itself. It accommodates mobile technology that would make your printing task easier. Setting it up is also easy. A lot of users claim that they like the versatile connectivity, including USB interface, Ethernet, or the wireless system. And if you have files to print from OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive, make sure to use it because you will enjoy the efficient and effective function greatly.

The printer can also make copies, print, and scan with a touch of a button. You can take benefits from the touchscreen display screen – operating the device is so much easier with it. If you want to have a duplex printing, you can also do it. It will help you save up paper and also an operational printing job. And one thing to like about this printer is the fact that it can be used with the generic ink. This is definitely an added bonus that will help a lot to run an efficient operation.

However, some of the downsides include slow printing or working operation. Moreover, the color print isn’t exactly great although black is quite impressive. The noise can be disturbing too for some people. After all, it isn’t exactly the quietest printer available. But for overall general, this printer is quite good with the impressive operation – if you don’t mind the downsides.


In the end, the decision to choose a printer is up to you. From these candidates of the best printers that use generic ink, which one appeals to you the most?