7 Easy Tips to Save Money With Your Ink Cartridges

Let’s face it, printer ink cartridges are expensive. I’ve quickly put together 7 easy tips for getting a little extra value out of your printer cartridges. I hope you enjoy.

1. Proofread Your Documents

If you carefully proofread your work before you print, you can catch and change mistakes before any ink is wasted. Imagine printing out a giant batch only to find out you misspelled a word! Run your spell checker and save yourself some time and ink.

2. Use the Print Preview mode

Before you print, choose the “Print Preview” function on your printer. This will allow you to view your formatting and verify that your document is exactly how you want it to look before you print it.

3. Change your print quality to Draft Mode

Change your print quality to Draft Mode. The documents don’t look as crisp but are perfect for everyday use or for printing versions of a document as you refine it.

4. Print a Test Page

Print a test page. Before you print your whole document, try one test page to make sure it looks right, then print the whole document. This is really helpful when printing lengthy documents.

5. Print a black and white test page before printing in color

Print a black and white test page before printing in color. Before you waste expensive color ink, make sure your document is printer-ready by printing a test sheet in black and white.

6. Make sure you’ve used your entire ink cartridge before you toss it

Make sure you’ve used your entire ink cartridge before you toss it. When your printouts look faded, run your printers cleaning cycle or cartridge maintenance utilities. Your cartridge may not be empty! You will be amazed at how much life is still in it!

7. Use remanufactured or compatible cartridges

Use remanufactured or compatible cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are completely cleaned and refilled with premium ink. Compatible or generic cartridges are built just like name-brand cartridges and filled with similar ink. Using these over name brands can save you up to 75% each time you replace your cartridges!

8. BONUS Tip – Avoid “Economy Cartridges”

The cartridge that came with your printer might not be the best value. Manufacturers usually ship a 1/2 full, or economy cartridge with your new printer. Assuming this is the only model number of cartridge you can use in your printer can cost you BIG TIME. If that HP printer you just bought came with the #21 hp ink cartridges and only 5ml of ink, be sure to check your manual! You may find that you can use the HP #56 cartridge instead with 19ml of ink for only a few dollars more.

9. Bonus Tip – Keep A Spare Ink or Toner Cartridge On Hand

Don’t be this guy! Keep an additional ink or toner cartridge on hand. You can avoid overnight shipping charges and a lot of stress if you keep just 1 additional cartridge on hand for your printer. We may never know how much running out of toner cost this company! You’ve gotta love a guy that runs out of toner, and tries to photocopy his computer screen!