A Guide to Buying Printer Paper

Every printer needs paper. The type you choose though can be quite specific for whatever task you’re working on.  You can find everything from cheap commercial stock through heavy bond professional paper. Whether you are printing out photos, making wedding invitations, or just need to print out a recipe there is a type of printer paper out there for every use.

Here’s a usuful guide to buying printer paper.

If you’re looking for just generic stock paper then shop around for whatever is the cheapest.  You aren’t really looking for quality here just bulk.

If you’re concerned about the environment you can find recycled paper that’s much more eco-friendly. You’re saving trees and energy at the same time. Recycled paper is normally cheaper than new paper as well. You get to help the environment and save money at the same time.

If you’re printing out some family photos then you’ll need to choose what type of printer paper you want. You can find photo paper in either glossy or matte finishes. It’s really just a personal choice. Both work equally well and will give you a great frame worthy photo.

For more formal documents like wedding invitations and resumes you’ll want to spend a few more dollars on a heavy bond paper. A heavier bond paper gives a look and feel of quality and elegance to what’s printed on it. The few dollars you’ll spend on higher-grade paper is quickly offset by not having to pay the expense of going to a professional printer to get your work done.

This guide to buying printer paper should help you get started on choosing just what works for you. Buying printer paper  online is a quick and easy option.  Just shop around for the best price for whatever your printing needs are.