A3 Laser Printer Review: a Printer For the New World of Technology

Printers are a must-have in both our offices and homes. It’s a good thing that we now have a wide variety to choose from. One of the most popular brands of printer available today is the A3 laser. It is known to provide high-quality prints that are useful for our offices and homes. It can also print out photos and other important documents. In addition, the A3 laser printers can produce a lot of print-outs per minute. It prints out really fast and this goes for all types and sizes of documents.

An A3 laser printer is quite expensive and it needs a large space because of its size. However, it still is a wise buy because in the long run this ingenious machine will help you save money with your printing needs. A3 laser printers are convenient because it uses dry ink cartridges. The print-outs look neater and they are readily available for use. As compared to using wet ink, wherein we have to wait for the ink to set, using dry ink can save us time. Plus, dry ink cartridges can last for a much longer long time.

Some of us would probably prefer to buy the A3 inkjet printer rather than the A3 laser printer. But let me tell you why the latter is better. It is true that A3 inkjet printers have the advantage when it comes to structure and appearance. They are lightweight and can easily be transported. And unlike the A3 laser printers, they do not occupy a large area in our offices or homes. Inkjet printers only need to have a printer-head that will move back and forth to print the document. Laser printers on the other hand, need to store the document in a drum first before they can produce a printout.

However, laser printers are more accurate when it comes to printing. It’s possible that they can have high memory levels and they can print up to 1.0mm dots. They can also print very fast. The technology of the A3 laser printer made it capable of printing documents at lightning speed, regardless of the document’s size. Inkjet printers take longer to print out documents because they depend on the computer to feed them with the data. Whereas with laser printers, the data is saved on the drum and the drum simply moves with the page during printing. Lastly, print-outs from the laser printer are of high quality because it uses dry ink cartridges to print out files and documents. It rides off the worry of getting blotted and wet prints.

An A3 color laser printer has multi-functional features like faxing, copying, scanning or printing. In buying an A3 color laser printer, we have to make sure first that it supports a3 paper. If it doesn’t, then we would have to change the size and edit the contents before we can print. This type of printer is not only ideal for a small to medium-sized business but also ideal for who have businesses that deal with the international community.

There are some good A3 laser printer on the market, for example, the Brother Color Laser Printer, HL-L8360CDWT is perfect for large businesses that require a fast printing performance. It comes with 800Mhz processor and can print up to 33 pages per minute and it allows you to print from wireless connectivity, mobile phones, and support duplex printing as well.

Other printers that you can consider if you want to buy an A3 printer are Brother MFC-L8900CDW color laserHP OfficeJet Pro 7740 AIO Wide Format Printer with WiFi connectivity and HP OfficeJet Pro 7720 AIO multifunction printer with 2.65 color touchscreen.

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