AOBIO Shipping Label Printer Review : For Ebay, Shopify, FedEx, and More..

Whereas people always think that printers are heavy and bulky, it won’t be so when you have a label printer. On the contrary, label printers are generally smaller – slightly bigger than the palm of your hand. The printers are especially dedicated and designed to print labels, so they don’t have to bulky and big. Thanks to the compact size and the lightweight nature, you don’t have to prepare a special spot or space for them. You can freely place the printer anywhere you like without difficulty or fuss.

Label Printer Advanced Technology

This kind of printer generally supports direct printing, which means that it uses direct (thermal) technology. You don’t have to use ribbons, toners, ink, or cartridges – you don’t need those things! The thermal technology delivers several benefits and perks. First, it saves you operational cost because you don’t need to buy those things. Second, you can contribute to an eco-friendly mechanism where you won’t pile up waste in the landfill.

What’s the basic function of a label printer, anyway? Well, as the name suggests, the printer is designed to print up labels. If you have a business, you’d know that having labels is crucial. Whether you are dealing with barcode labels, warehouse labels, or address shipping labels, you are going to need those things in business. You can always print those labels up elsewhere, but it is going to cost you. If you want to save up money, you can use your regular printers and then print up the labels – and then cut them off. Such a waste of time, don’t you think?

Another alternative is to use the dedicated label printer so you can create those labels without wasting your precious minute – and also money. Trust me, having such a device would be a game changer. You will see how the device changes your business and its overall operation.

AOBIO Shipping Label Printer Features :

Naturally, when you buy the AOBIO Shipping Label Printer, there are several features you can find, such as:

· You can print various types of labels from different platforms. Whether it is ShipStation, Woocommerce, Poshmark, Bigcommerce, DHL, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, or Etsy, you won’t have any difficulty producing such labels.

· Operating system flexibility. The printer works well with different operating systems, such as Windows XP (and higher) and Mac (10.9 version and higher). But it doesn’t work with iPad, iPhone, tablets, Chromebooks, and smartphones.

· Easy installation. The driver is already provided within the package. Consult the user guide for the steps of installation and be ready to operate it right away! Even those without a technical background can operate it fast and smoothly.

· Stable and fast printing speed. No need to worry about heating up because the printer has its own technology to maintain cool temperature. The printer can make around 70 labels a minute – pretty impressive, huh?

·  Print Label Size. This label printer for shipping packages allows to prints labels from 1.57″ to 4.3″ wide


There are many things to love about this shipping label printer – it’s not only about its compatibility and technology, but also the fun factor when operating it. You should include this label printer from Aobio within your wishlist.