Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer Review

A label printer can actually save you a lot of time when dealing with a shipping label. A lot of people think that they can use their regular printers to print the labels. It’s true and it saves you a lot of money – if you don’t have to deal with busy operations and bulk orders. If your business is growing and you have to handle tons of shipping on a daily basis, dealing with the label alone can be overwhelming. And are you ready to have to tweak the layout manually and constantly, and then cut each label after printing them up?

About Arkscan Label Printer

As the name suggests, a label printer is a machine that is designed especially to print labels. Although it is dedicated to print the shipping label, you can actually use it to print different kinds of labels, such as organizer labels, warehouse labels, barcode labels, and so much more.

Moreover, most of these label printers are using thermal technology. It means that you don’t need ink, toner, cartridge, or ribbon to print those labels. Thermal technology uses a direct heat system that will produce a crisp and clear outcome. It is going to save you a lot of money in the long term because you don’t need to buy those supplies. Your printer should be able to work just well – and it saves you the operational cost.

Extra Convenient Features

What are other good things you can expect from this label printer?

· It supports various sizes and dimensions. Feel free to tweak the program to accommodate labels from at least 0.75 inches to 4.25 inches (max) in width as well as at least 0.4 inches to 90 inches (max) in length.

· It supports various types of roll paper, from the fanfold type (usually loaded from the rear side of the printer) to the roll paper (typically loaded from within the machine). It gives you flexibility and freedom in choosing what kind of label suits your business and your personal preference.

· Impressive printing speed. The machine has nice printing speed, which is 5 inches a second. Not so bad, huh?

· The printer is compatible with various platforms (shipping or marketplace), such as, UPS, Endicia, eBay, FedEx, Amazon, Etsy, PayPal, ShipWorks, ShipWire, and others. You don’t have to deal with complex or complicated tweak or adjustment for each label. Everything can be set up easily and automatically.

· Free software. The printer has its own UltraLite BarTender Label Design software that you can use to print warehouse or products label. You can enjoy its various graphics barcodes or text without breaking a sweat. However, this software only works for Windows only, not Mac.

· The design is small and compact. It means that the printer is lightweight too. Feel free to place it anywhere without preparing any special space.


Having such a compact and modern printer can really change the way you deal with business. If your business is busy and you are swarmed with tons of orders on a daily basis, then having a label printer will be a great (and smart) investment.