Best Label Makers/Printers 2023 Review

Labeling is not a difficult thing to do. But it can become a tedious job and time consuming when a huge amount of items is involved. Labels help organize and track inventory whether they are raw materials, work in process or finished goods. This is where label makers come handy. They can be purchased in the form of a regular label printer or a handheld label maker.

Retail businesses will have various types of merchandise in their inventory. Accurate labeling helps them organize merchandise in storage, display shelves or even monthly sales projections. It is also important in manufacturing industries, due to the huge amount and types of inventory involved that require organization and tracking before and after the manufacturing process.

If you are into expanding your scrapbooking supply, then making labels is a great addition. When it comes to label printing, a label printer will help get the job done faster and easier. With a huge amount and variety of inventory that requires different type and size of labels, writing labels by hand is surely time-consuming and too much hassle.

In case you want to buy a label maker, the following are 5 best label printers on the market for 2023. Check out the list;

1. DYMO LabelWriter 450 (1752265)

DYMO LabelWriter 450 will be your professional assistant when it comes to labeling, filing or mailing needs.. It can help you to save more time and money, especially for your home office business. You can connect it directly to your computer (PC or Mac) and then you’ll be able to print various labels using applications like MS Word, Outlook,  CardScan, Mac address book, and so forth.

It has a compact design that makes it easy to carry and placed around you, the device also can work fast of up to 71 labels per minute. Meanwhile, with its thermal printing technology, the cost of ink or toner, of course, can be minimized.

The manufacturer also packs it with DYMO Label software that allows you to easily make customized file folder, address or barcode labels.

Pros :

  • Compatible with Win10
  • Work Fast
  • Crystal clear printing
  • Easy to setup

Cons :

  • For labels, it doesn’t include instructions for downloading or creating a template

2. ROLLO Label Printer – Commercial Grade

This is one of the most reliable and fastest label printers on the market. For any business, this machine will be a very good solution because it can work fast, with print speed up to 238 labels per-minute and you can print labels without having to buy ink, toners or cartridges, thanks to its Advanced Thermal Direct technology.

Rollo label printer can be installed easily and it works like a standard printer and you can print from any apps like Adobe PDF, MS Words, your favorite browsers and much more. It can be paired with a various direct thermal labels so you can save more money on label costs.

It also compatible with a lot of direct thermal label and this printer also has a unique capability where it will not only analyze your label properties, but it also will learn your label faster than ever.

Pros :

  • It can handle any size you want
  • Fast and simple to use

Cons :

  • Not recommended for print international labels

3. Brother QL-810W with Wireless Networking

This is a professional label printer and it offers unique technology where you can print labels in high-quality, even if you only use black and red colors in the entire label. You can use it for various labeling purposes, for envelopes,  barcodes or any specific business.

The device also comes with wireless connectivity that allows you to print from anywhere on your network, also supports 802.1x security and combined with AirPrint as well. In terms of print speed, the device is quite reliable and can deliver up to 2,000 black text and 850 two-color labels.

Brother also packs this label printer with the Iprint&Label app so you can print directly any labels from your mobile device.

Pros :

  • Easy to integrate
  • Manage it easily using Brother’s network management tools
  • Free SDK (Win, iOS and Android OS)
  • High resolution

Cons :

  • Some users complained about its driver that is not compatible with Mac OS 10.9.x and above
  • Complicated setup with iPad

4. Brady BMP21-PLUS

The Brady BMP21-Plus is a portable label printer and offers various great features and reliable for the toughest labeling jobs. It has solid exterior design and combined with smart printing capabilities so it will be much easier to use, even on wires or cables, terminal blocks, patch panels, flat surfaces and so forth. That’s why this label printer is a great tool for various industrial identification needs.

The device also comes with smart automatic formatting and it also provides at least 70 durable label parts and more than 100 built-in symbols. The manufacturer also packs it with a Li-ION battery that can make it work longer.

Pros :

  • Various useful formats are available
  • The printer has solid design and well-made
  • Display backlight

Cons :

  • Date stamp can not support ISO 8601
  • Higher price of rechargeable battery (optional)

5. Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker

This Brother label printer is the right choice for home or home office and it can help you to create great-looking labels. It is an easy to use machine and you can print various labels up to 2 lines of text, also this printer uses one-touch keys system to make formatting the label faster where you can add different frames, fonts as well as symbols.

The PT-D210 has a portable design and weighing in at only 1.08 pounds in a lightweight, it can be operated with six AAA batteries. Plus, before you print your label, you will be able to preview your work on its display so you can make sure there is nothing wrong with your label.

Pros :

  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Tons of Font Styles
  • 27 User-Friendly Templates

Cons :

  • LCD is not backlit.
  • Can not connect to a PC or Mac machine.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!