7 Best Laser Printers For Mac 2019 Review

While the inkjet is the most common type of printing tool for home use. Laser printers often dominate the work space and offices. Choosing the best laser printer for Mac often comes down to the capacity that it is able to handle and  the cost savings it provides.

The engines found in laser printer devices often allow them to produce more output in less time. Also, while the initial cost of the product itself and the toner cartridge is more expensive, when taken on a cost per page basis, they come out way ahead of inkjet printers, specially if the inkjet makes use of color ink.

That said, the following items are the laser devices that offer top value.

Best Laser Printers For Mac 2019

1. Brother HL5470DW Wireless Printer

Brother Printer HL5470DW LaserAmong the best laser printers for Mac, this is one of the fastest with a maximum output of 40 pages in one minute. As with many of the products from this brand, it comes with a relatively affordable price tag, and a simple exterior.

It is a straightforward print only device without the added functions found in many of the inkjets. You’ll notice that a lot of the laser products often produce black and white outputs and don’t come with scanner, copier or fax included in the basic models.

The main reason comes down to cost. Adding color and other features will push up the already more expensive mechanism included in the item. So instead of adding accessories, manufacturers has opted to focus on improving print quality and speed.

Ideal for high capacity use, it fits 300 sheets in its paper trays, connects to both AirPrint and Android mobile devices and has auto duplex that can save paper.

2. HP LaserJet Pro P1606dn

From one of the best known printer manufacturers in the world comes one of the easiest printing machines to set up. Software and installer are built in the product itself eliminating the need for inserting a CD in your computer and running a setup program.

Once you plug the item onto your computer, just turn in on and it will automatically do the rest. It can be connected through a USB or LAN cable which gives you the flexibility to choose either.

Although you’ll find a number of more affordable HP printers, there aren’t many. This is one that offers fast printing in a small package.

Like the Brother printer above, this only prints and has a very simple design composed of only a few buttons to stop or continue as well as a few LED lights to warn of paper jams and system status.

3. Canon Laser imageCLASS MF4880dw Monochrome Printer

When looking for multifunction laser printers, one of the things you’ll notice is its size. This one comes in the form of a cube, measuring 14” x 15” x 14”. This is often the case because the added accessories are placed on top of the already bulkier laser components.

Scanning and copying come in the form of a flatbed located on the top of the device, similar to those large Xerox copiers seen in offices.

While it does take up a larger amount of space in a room or cubicle, it compensates with additional features like scanning, copying and faxing. Also, the 10,000 page monthly recommended cycle means that it is a viable product for corporate teams because it can handle a good amount of workload.

The automatic feeder allows for scanning and copying of multiple pages, with the ability to shrink or enlarge existing documents up to 400% their normal size.

4. Brother DCP7065DN Laser Multifunction Printer

Compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows operating system, this office equipment lets different type of computers simultaneously use all four devices. It has its own 32MB internal memory which means that it can keep more data in storage.

This leads to faster outputs since it can store the information to be printed instead of having to go back and forth to the the computer’s document or picture after every few pages.

A 250 page tray capacity, and 2 page automatic printing allow for more efficient use of time, relieving users from having to keep refilling the paper bin or turning each sheet of paper for back to back copies.

One useful feature that comes with the scanning capability is the OCR, which is able to interpret text within paper documents and convert the scanned text into searchable pdf format.

An issue that some users have mentioned is the noise level that the machine produces when producing outputs.

5. Brother HL2270DW wireless laser printer

Fast, compact and sturdy in build, the Brother HL2270DW wireless laser printer ranks among the top rated selections for Mac owners. It costs under $90 and delivers high quality black and white text printouts without paper jam issues.

At 14.5” by 14.2” by 7.2” in size, it is smaller than many of the all in one inkjet products on the market. The HL2270DW can be connected through USB, Ethernet and Wireless, and provides password protection using WEP and WPA security protocols for wireless data security.

While it works with Mac OS X, it is also compatible with Windows and a variety of Linux distributions which allows different users on the network to work with the operating system of their choice.

The Brother HL2270DW has a built in energy saving feature that cuts down electricity consumption when the device is in idle mode. It also offers a Toner Save setting that lets users use a lower resolution for less important documents to prolong the life of the ink toner.

This is the best laser printer for Mac in terms of value as it offers a combination of low printer and ink cost, high speed, capacity and output quality.

6. The HP LaserJet Pro 200 color laser printer

It is one of the top rated items on Amazon getting a 4.4 out of 5 star rating from users. Normally priced over $330, it comes a bargain below $200 thanks to a huge discount

It produces both black and color documents as quick as 14 pages a minute and has an Instant On features that makes it ready to print inside of 8 seconds from being turned on.

Installation and setup on the MacBook Air and Pro are both very simple with the HP Smart Install software most of the work from its internal memory. Text is similar to the reliable HP LaserJet line of laser printers and the color prints come out clear and balanced.

The LaserJet Pro 200 has HP’s ePrint giving users the ability to sent their print jobs from computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. It is also AirPrint enabled giving iPad and iPhone owners a seamless way of sending files to for output.

Because it produces color outputs, users will need to replace the color toner cartridges. The LaserJet 200 uses 3 color ink toners and one for black. Expect to spend $100 for a full set replacement though you’ll be able to change them individually. While expensive to purchase, both the color and black ink toners are quite cost effective when taken on a per page basis.

7. Brother HL2280DW

The Brother HL2280DW multifunction printer that costs under $150 and has a 4.3 out of 5 stars review score from over 280 Amazon.com users. It has a built in flatbed scanner and copier that sit atop the printing device making it a viable tool for offices and businesses.

Because of its multifunctional abilities, this is the best laser printer for Mac for those who need to scan and copy files.

The HL2280DW has a maximum output speed of 27 pages a minute, prints at a clear 2400 x 600 dpi resolution and can produce two sided printouts for booklets and manuals. It is compatible with the Mac OS X 10.4.11 and above and can be used with PCs and Linux machines through a network router.

Ink replacement options include a 1,200 page standard cartridge and the larger 2,600 high yield toner, which is recommended as it lowers running ink costs to about 1.8 cents per page.

At 15.7 inches by 15.9 inches by 10.6 inches it takes up more space than many multifunction inkjet printers.