Best MegaTank Printer 2022 For Your Office and Home Business

Either for your office suit or for your small business, you need a very smart printer to help you done with the work. So, here is the best MegaTank printer we would recommend. The printer is one of the must-have items for a business. Selecting a suitable one will actually make you a bit confused.

To provide you with the trusted recommendation, here we list the series of the best MegaTank printers 2022 review you can check out just before you finally purchase one.

G4210 4-In-1 Printer

G4210 is best described to be a costless and effective printer for your everyday business. Its four functions as a scanner, printer, copier, and fax will be the best companion to support your starting business at home. It can print up to 8.8 ppm for black and 5 ipm for color.

There are some features you can expect to optimize. Firstly, the printer offers more than 30x the amount of ink along with the integrated ink tanks making you easily refill them, check the ink levels. Additionally, there is also an ink integration toward the printer. The built-in Air Print support provides compatibility with iOS devices. The Auto Document Feeder (ADF) feature is also good to optimize in printing multipage documents.

Canon Pixma G3200

The second best MegaTank printer you can take into account is Canon Pixma G3200. It is designed as a wireless MegaTank all-in-one printer to let you easily print documents from your mobile devices. In addition, Google Cloud Print feature will make you easily print from your Android device and tablet. Along with the feature of integrated ink tanks, the users can definitely view and refill the ink anytime.

This all-in-one printer offers paper compatibility including photo paper semi-gloss, matte photo paper, and envelope. Meanwhile, the ink compatibility includes ink tank and fill volume.

Listed as an all-in-one MegaTank printer, Canon Pixma G3200 is very suitable to use in an office as well as at the home office. Just don’t hesitate to support the way you work with a smart printer on your table.

Canon Pixma G1200

If you want to look for a single function printer out of the MagaTank series, here is Canon Pixma G1200 to opt. As it has only a single function that is for printing, Canon Pixma G1200 is able to print up to 6,000 black pages and 7,000 color pages. It also offers an easy ink check and refill through the front-mounted reservoirs.

This single-function printer machine has a compact design. The dimensions are 13 x 17.6 x 5.4 inches and the weight is 9.4 pounds. If you want to purchase this printer, note that the item model number is 0629C002.

In short, this single-function printer machine is much proper for home use rather than for office suit. So if you are running on your personal home business, Canon Pixma G1200 is just nice to pick up.

Canon Pixma G5020

Another single-function printer you can consider is Canon Pixma G5020. As a wireless printer, this supertank printer highlights the mobile and auto 2-sided printing, allowing you to print flexibly and save more paper.

The integrated ink tanks feature allows you to easily view and refill ink supported by the compatibility of GI-20 ink bottles. This compatibility feature is aimed to make you easily pour the ink without any spill or mess.

The next feature you can just optimize is the printer’s ability to save ink due to the fact that a set of ink bottles are included in the box along with the two additional bonus of black bottles of inks. Look at how you can save more ink. In short, once you purchase this printer, you get the bonus of ink in bottles for more saving use.

If you are feeling tired of replacing in cartridges, Canon Pixma G5020 will make you feel relief. Yup, it is because it offers 30 times the amount of ink compared to the same standard ink cartridge sets. This printer is also able to impressively print up to 6000 for black and white and 7,700 for color page.


Conclusively, either the all-in-one or the single-function printers, the ones that we have listed are very much recommendable due to the beneficial features you can just optimize to work out the duties. Hopefully, our recommendation about the best MegaTank printer will inspire you to buy the right and suitable one for your business.