Best Printer for College Students 2023 – Affordable Price Range

What would be the ideal and the best printer for college students? Well, it depends on your needs and requirements, really. Most college students are happy with a working printer that can do the basic tasks without them having to spend the extra money. However, some students may need higher grades and more advanced devices because of their study.

If you are happy with the basic tasks and functionalities, there are some potential printers that can really help with the overall operation, use, and setting. They are quite affordable too with economical operational costs. When students have these printers, they won’t have to worry about hurting their wallets.

What are these printers ?? Let’s take a closer look at the list of the best printers for college students 2023 below ;

HP OfficeJet 4650

If you are thinking about buying a pretty sophisticated device without having to dig deeper into your pocket, this machine from HP will be quite helpful and handy. The machine is packed with tons of good features, making them become one of the best printers for students ever made available for the market.

Features in the device :

  • The printer is a multifunctional device which means that it can be used to scan, make copies, send out faxes, and print. With a single device, you can do many different tasks altogether.
  • The AirPrint system along with the mobile printing features are great for flexible and more efficient operation. With these technologies, you can print from your mobile devices without having to connect them to the printer
  • The printer comes with duplex printing ability, which will save you 50% of the regular operational cost
  • The printer is compatible with different paper sizes, materials, and types – giving you 100% freedom in the use.

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is good and the basic tasks are well covered
  • The device is quiet and noiseless
  • The overall setup of the printer (as well as the network arrangement) is quite simple and direct

The Cons:

  • The company and the printer want to install tons of apps in the computer. Those who are experienced enough know that they don’t want such a thing – they only want the computer to be connected to the printer without any additional apps for supports or such thing alike
  • The printer is slow and sluggish
  • No Ethernet
  • A slow performance especially for business apps

Canon Wireless MX492 Printer

There are tons of things to like about this device, mostly because it is super handy with sophisticated management and operation. The printer is packed with all of the handy features, making it ideal for college students with the affordable price range.

The most common features to find from the printer are:

  • The AirPrint technology which will help you manage printing work from any mobile devices (laptops, iPads, or mobile phones) easily and without complication
  • The free PRINT app from Canon where you can scan and print documents directly from your mobile devices
  • The integrated Document Automatic Feeder that will manage the efficient operation as well as saving you a lot of time in the operation
  • The wireless system that allows you to manage your printing or scanning operation without you having to connect the printer to the computer or other devices

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is quite good and reliable. If you want a machine that can do regular and basic works, this is the machine to go for
  • The setup process is simple and easy
  • The design is simple with compact size and dimension

The Cons:

  • When it experiences problems, there seem to be very little troubleshooting solutions
  • The printer can be quite slow
  • Price of inks is high
  • No duplex

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, HLL2395DW

Another multifunctional device is available for college students who are busy but with limited budgets. This is a device that comes with the right technologies and features. You can expect high-end technologies from this machine and yet you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Such a great deal, huh?

The features to expect from this device are:

  • The printer is able to do different tasks by using a single device only
  • Speed up to 36 ppm
  • The printer comes with AirPrint technology that supports the wireless system so you can expect an efficient operation without having to connect any external gadgets to the printer. This system also allows you greater flexibility to manage your printing tasks
  • The printer supports cloud scanning and printing too, so it is super handy for busy activities
  • There is a display screen with a touchscreen feature that will help you with the easier operation

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is super nice – almost to the professional-grade and quality
  • The printer uses laser technology and able to work fast with a clean result
  • The duplex feature helps with the overall economical operational cost

The Cons:

  • Some users experience a connection issue
  • For some users, the overall design is quite big and heavy

Epson XP-340 Wireless Expression Printer

This is a printer that is claimed as an ideal printer for any college students mostly because of the functionalities for doing regular printing jobs. Aside from the basic functions, the price is also nice so you can really have a go without spending too much money.

There are some basic features to expect, such as:

  • Epson Expression Home XP-340
  • The wireless system will help you manage a better and more efficient operation – whether you are printing or scanning the documents or images
  • The individual ink cartridge will provide economical and efficient management. When a cartridge runs out, you only need to replace it without having to change the entire set
  • The printer accommodates black and white as well as colored printing with a quite fast operation. It is able to print 10 pages per minutes for the black and white – which is may not be too impressive but it is good enough
    The printer comes with an LCD display screen that will make navigation easier
  • The fast ink dry system will create a smudge-free result without you having to wait long

The Pros:

  • Affordable price
  • 1.44 LCD display
  • The setup process is fairly easy and simple, even for those who are new to this
  • The printing quality is pretty okay

The Cons:

  • The printer will likely break or stop working after a few months of use
  • The printer is super heavy and the size is pretty big (and bulky too)
  • The ink is quite expensive

Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA Monochrome Printer

This is an ideal printer for most college students because of the many handy features and technologies. It is easy to set up and connect, and it prints fast too. This printer is not only ideal for students but also reliable for any small business. It provides cost efficiency and can deliver high-quality performance.

What are the common features you can find from this device?

  • The processor is quite powerful and solid, allowing you to print up to 21 pages per minute
  • It is powered by Cortex-A5 core processor and combined with built-in memory
  • The overall design is simple and easy, with also easy interface system. It is user-friendly and it allows you to make any adjustments or changes just the way you like it
  • The printer has the so-called Easy Eco driver, which will help you save money on the ink. This is a handy technology allowing you to manage an efficient workload without spending extra
  • Recp technology that can improve the quality of printed text and can produce HQ images on printed documents

The Pros:

  • The overall printing quality is super nice and promising
  • The printer is quiet and noiseless
  • The overall operation is simple and direct

The Cons:

  • The ink can be quite expensive
  • It doesn’t support automatic duplex printing – you have to tweak it by yourself


There you go – some of the promising and reliable candidates for the printers. Make sure you choose wisely so you can end up with one of the most promising printers for your needs.