Best Printers For Envelopes 2023 Review

The idea of having the best printer for envelopes is probably important if you have the business in the art craft or creative industry. The decision to buy a printer isn’t easy; let alone if you need the specific device to help you with the business.

Basically, when you choose a printer, there are tons of devices that have different features and abilities. Some of these printers have paper adjustment flexibility where you can choose different kinds of paper sizes and can still expect a flawless outcome with the result. However, there are also printers that are specifically designed for envelope businesses. This is the kind of printers you want to choose when you have to print hundreds of envelopes on a daily basis

If you are looking for a reliable printer in 2023 that can also be used for printing envelopes, you can consider the following products. Let’s take a closer look

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer HL-L2340DW

This is a printer that comes with multifunctional ability and yet it is also compact in design and size. The printer is created for business purposes but more to the small office or small scale industry. There are some good reasons why this printer is included within the best printer for envelopes list. The combination of sharp black and white and the compact design is quite impressive. The features you can expect from the device include:

  • The printer comes with duplex printing ability so it is super effective and also economical in the operation
  • The printer is able to print fast, up to 27 pages in a minute
  • The printer has an auto document feeder that can accommodate 50 pages. There is also a paper tray for 250 pages so you won’t have to repeatedly load the paper, also a manual feed slot that can be used for envelope printing
  • The feed and the manual slot is great for paper handling flexibility, including managing different paper types, materials, and sizes – including the ones for envelopes.

The Pros:

  • The printer can do wireless printing so you can print from your mobile phones, laptops, or tablets without having to connect them.
  • The user interface is fairly easy and simple

The Cons:

  • No Ethernet
  • Additional paper-handling options are not available

HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless AIO Printer

This is another multifunctional printer that will do quite a good job in printing envelopes. The reason why it is claimed as the best printer for envelopes is that the many handy and functional features, such as:

  • It is a multifunctional printer, which means that you can use it for scanning, making copies, and even sending out faxes
  • Features two-sided printing which lets you print on both sides of the page. Save the paper usage by up to 50%. 360 MHz processor speed to enhance the performance.
  • The printer supports AirPrint technology. Combine it with the wireless printing and you get yourself an efficient device that can help you with the professional operation
  • The printer comes with HP ePrint app which means that you can use it to print contents from your tablets or mobile phones without actually having to connect them
  • The auto ink detection allows you to have easier ink management before it runs out
  • It comes to compatible ink types i.e. pigment-based (black) and dye-based (color),

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is quite good and well
  • The setup process is quite simple and fast
  • The fact that the printer supports all kinds of paper materials and sizes is super nice

The Cons:

  • The duplex ability only works for the printer, not for the scanner
  • The scanning is slow
  • A slow performance especially for business applications
  • The pop-up notifications can be super annoying

Canon MX492 Wireless Printer

This is a professional device that can help you with the professional outcomes, which is important for the business. Not only it is compact in design, but it is also packed with handy features and technologies. When you have this machine at home, you will be super helped with all of its abilities. The included features are:

  • The design is simple with compact size, allowing you to save up space
  • The AirPrint technology will help you with the wireless arrangement. It is very handy when you have to print right from your mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets. Not to mention that you can also enjoy the free PRINT app from Canon for this purpose.
  • The automatic integrated document feeder will save you tons of time
  • Come into a Year limited warranty with Instant Exchange Program.

The Pros:

  • The setup process is fairly easy and you won’t have to spend a lot of time on it
  • The printer is quiet so it helps a lot for your working efficiency
  • If you are looking for a printer that can do basic work, you have found the right device

The Cons:

  • The printer doesn’t support duplex printing
  • Some users have a constant problem with their printers keeps on disconnecting

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer, HL-L2350DW

If you are looking for a compact device that won’t take up too much space and won’t cost you a fortune, this would be the right device for you. There are tons of good reasons why this machine is one of the most effective machines for printing envelopes, especially from the performance and quality. The features include:

  • Efficient and fast printing ability, thanks to the combination of the feeder, the printing system, and the overall technologies
  • The wireless printing system really helps to create and deliver efficient result and operation
  • The printer has a duplex system that can help manage the operation so it would be more economical
  • The printer comes with this own technology to detect the toner level and ink info
  • High-quality print results, with the faster printing process. It is built in a 250 sheet paper capacity which helps to enhance efficiency. Moreover, it also handles both legal and letter-sized paper

The Pros:

  • The setup process is simple, easy, and straightforward
  • The printer is noiseless and very quiet

The Cons:

  • The printer tends to disconnect on its own so you will have to set it up again and again, especially with the iOS
  • The printer tends to experience a paper jam

Canon PIXMA MG3620 Wireless All-In-One

Just because you are hoping for a sophisticated device, it doesn’t mean that you always have to spend a fortune on it. As one of the best all in one printer and can be used for printing envelopes, this one is super inexpensive and affordable. The features include:

  • AirPrint is designed for effective and efficient printing easiness. It also supports the cloud system, Google Cloud Print, and such technology alike.
  • The printer comes with an automatic duplex system that will save you a lot of operational costs where you can print on both side of the paper
  • The design is simple but highly elegant and attractive
  • The easy and fast wireless setup makes you don’t wait for installation. It is quick and easy!
  • Equipped by printing options such as Mopria, Canon Print, Airprint, Google Cloud Print and also NFC.

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is good – whether it is the black and white or the colored ones
  • Most users like the compact and small size
  • The setup process is simple and direct

The Cons:

  • The printer tends to experience paper jam easily
  • Some users experience a connection issue


In the overall sense, these are the available options for your printing needs. Make your research carefully and you can choose the best printer for envelopes based on your needs.