Best Printers For Photographer 2019

We live in the modern era where having anything is possible, including finding the best professional photo printer for photographer. Printers are designed in a different manner for different purposes. Some printers are designed to print documents only while the others are designed as the multifunctional device that can be used to print, scan, and even send out faxes.

If you are into photography so much and you are looking for the best printer device,of course you want to invest your money in a printer that can create artistic results and with many variants of colors. That’s why this typical printer is very suitable for office and photo studio needs as well.

There are some great printers for photographer out there that you can consider if you are planning to buy one and some of them can be seen below.. Let’s take a closer look

Canon PIXMA Pro-100

If you are looking for a reliable and credible printer device with tons of features and impressive result, you have found the right device. After all, this printer is included within the best professional photo printer for photographer list for good reasons, such as:

Featues :

  • The device comes with a technology called Generating Optimum Image System that will help you reproduce colors by choosing the optimum ink placement and combination
  • The printer comes with 8 dye based colors that will provide amazing color and gradients. Even when you are printing black and white, you can still enjoy the beautiful and crisp hue
  • The inks are individual so you only need to change the one running out instead of changing the whole set. This will save you a lot of money on the operation.
  • This printer’s weight is about 43.2 in bullet point with power consumption up to 19 W.
  • Includes Airprint and Mobile Device Printing Feature

The Pros:

  • The printer can be used to print borderless image up to the size of 13 x 19 inches
  • The quality printing is super good, especially if you can also choose the right glossy photo paper that will enhance the color

The Cons:

  • For some people, it isn’t easy to set up the printer. It takes a while and it is a bit confusing
  • The printer can take a while to warm up
  • The printer is big, wide, and heavy

Epson Expression XP15000

This is one of the wide format printers which mean that it can print photos or images in a wide format scale. Just because it is designed as a printer for professional image production, it doesn’t mean that it should always be bulky and thick. This printer is the perfect example that even the best printer for photographer can be sleek and slim without taking too much space.

Features :

  • The printer comes with Ultra Professional HD quality so you can enjoy artistic and professional outcome. Not to mention that it can also be used to print borderless picture up to 19 x 13 inches in size.
  • This printer features a 50 sheet rear tray for specialty media, including cardstock which accommodates a kind of paper finishes sizes from 4″ x 6″ to 13″ x 19″, for better result.
  • The printer comes with 6 different and individual ink so you can enjoy the enhanced and wider options of colors
  • This is a printer that can also be used to create duplex printing. Since it is designed as the professional printer, you can print other types of papers (including the thicker one like cardstock) without compromising the quality.
  • The device is small and compact – it is smaller than the previous printer

The Pros:

  • Printing quality is great
  • The setup is easy and quite straightforward

The Cons:

  • The ink cartridge is a bit difficult to buy so it can be a problem when you are running out of it
  • Expensive running cost
  • Memory card slot is not available

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000

If you are a photographer or you run a business focusing on premium images and colors, this is the device that you should go for. This is a completely professional printer that has been designed with tons of great technologies and features, and most of them are super handy in helping you with your printing needs.


  • The printer comes with technologies that will prevent clogging. The Anti-Clogging system will prevent any possible clogging issue while improving faster printing production. It is combined with Air Feeding system that will prevent skewing so ink placement will be correct
  • The printer comes with 11 colors and also Chroma Optimizer to enhance the graphic result.
  • Completed by Air Feeding System which allows the system to prevent each page from skewing for accurate ink placement, no matter the type of paper, it works for a better result.
  • Lucia Pro Ink System that can increase the density of pigment for richer color expression

The Pros:

  • The printing result is great and super flawless. You can say that it is the kind of final perfection that you want
  • The design is simple and yet it is super elegant with direct operation
  • It is easily setup with breeze adjustments and management

The Cons:

  • You won’t be able to control the cleaning cycle and it can waste a lot of ink
  • The buttons somewhat feel flimsy and cheap

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740

If you are looking for a professional all-in-one printer device that focuses on the quality printing, you have found the right device. This printer is claimed as one of the best printer for photographer for some reasons:


  • The multifunctional ability is nice because you can print, make copies, and scan with a single device
  • The printer supports mobile printing, thanks to the ePrint app. You can directly print from your phone. This tech makes users can easily print anywhere anytime from your iPad, AirPrint, iPhone and other devices using Wireless Direct printing. Very efficient, isn’t it!
  • High quality text as well as awesome color outputs for all your documents, photos and projects.
  • A brilliant color which enhances the picture qualities and laser quality text for a – very-fast-printing process.
  • Touchscreen digital UI so you can manage printing tasks with ease
  • Scan your files directly to email, folders on your network folders and the cloud with the help of preloaded business apps.
  • HP Jet Advantage Private Print allow you to protect important information.

The Pros:

  • The design is quite direct and elegant
  • It has its own email address
  • Easy to setup

The Cons:

  • Some users experience problems with installation
  • Only 8.5 inch wide scanning

Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi 4×6 Photo Printer

No wonder if this printer is claimed as one of the best portable printer device for photographer not only because of the compact design but also the technology. This Kodak printer can also be combined to your devices using your wireless network, support direct printing from your Digicam using PictBridge technology and more.. There are more handy features to like about the device such as:

Features ;

  • The printer comes with a special dock so you can place your smartphone there and print directly from your smartphone
  • The printer has this one touch printing system so you can print from your smartphone instead of having to move the images to a computer. It comes with Lightning iOS adapter and Android Dock pin
  • The printer is compatible with different kinds of operating systems. It can be connected with different devices too, such as memory USB stick, digital camera, iPad, etc.
  • Has been equipped with advanced technology : Dye Sublimation Printing

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is flawless and super crisp. You can expect professional outcome from it
  • The setup process is easy
  • Portable design

The Cons:

  • The paper type can be different from what you have expected


Each printers have the different features, pros and cons as well. Make sure that you choose a type of printer which matches to your need. Those are some of the options for the professional printers. So take a look at their features and you can decide which the best one for your needs