Brother HL-2170W Laser Printer (Wifi+Wired) Review

Whether you work at an office, at home or continuing your projects at home, in all cases you need a reliable printer that produces quality documents and fast, without jamming or other related printer problems. The Japanese brand Brother has made the HL-2170W, a laser printer that should do its job in all cases, but as many other printers, it has its limitations.


It is a monochrome laser printer that essentially will cost you much less to keep and recharge than a normal inkjet one would. The design is not flashy, it is quite normal and uninspiring. If you are looking for style this clearly is not the case. It is relatively small, at 6.7 inches in height and 14.5 inches in length. The color is an unspectacular matte grey.

The internal memory is 32 MB, meaning that you are able to queue more documents, thus speeding up the printing process. The paper tray is in the front of the printer and can hold an impressive 250 sheets of paper. Even the control panel is plain and simple with one big Go button.

One of its best features is the wireless 802.11 b/g computer connection. While I must warn you that Brother HL-2170W customer reports have indicated that it is a pretty complicated task. Other means of connection to your computer are: USB 2.0 and 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet. These three different connecting options are an advantage for the HL-2170W.


Its performances when it comes to the actual printing are great in black and white and normal documents, but not that good when it comes to graphics. It prints up to 23 one page documents with black text per minute, which is a very good performance, outclassing other printers in its price range.

But like I already mentioned when it comes to graphics its limits are shown. It is not reliable device since it is a monochrome printer, there will be no color. The photos appear, black and white fuzzy and it gets worst as you print more of the same thing. But when you think of its price, it is understandable why it lacks a few features here and there.

Another good thing about it, is that it takes only two seconds form when you give the command and the printing actually starts, more than half the time it takes a normal printer to start the same process.


It is a good printer when it comes to black and white documents and it is affordable. We believe that it can be used very well for a secondary printer role either at work or at home,