Can You Fax From Your Printer ??

If you are thinking about buying an all in one printer, make sure you buy one that has a fax machine built in as well as a photocopier. Some people think they will never use one but it can be handy to have the facility available if you have a decent budget and you are looking for a versatile all in one model that can do several things.

For starters, even if you don’t use a fax machine now, it could just be that you have never had the facility to do so before. How would things change if you did suddenly have a fax machine in your office? The chances are good that you would start using it because you can.

It also gives you another way of getting in touch with people and companies as and when you need to. You may prefer to email generally but so many of us get a lot of junk mail nowadays that it is impossible to guarantee that an email will be seen, recognised and read by the recipient. Instead you may want to fax a message over to someone because you know they will not get that many faxes. If a fax came through on your machine the chances are you would give it a lot more attention than an email if you saw one of those appear. So it does give you more access to people who have faxes themselves.

In addition to this you can add your fax number to your own contact details. This makes you more accessible to people, especially those who don’t like using emails. And of course you are also going to look more professional if you have an email address, a phone number and a fax number for people to use.

Finally you will soon be grateful for it if you ever experience a loss of internet access. Sometimes it seems that this is the only way to get in touch with various people. But if you have their fax numbers and the internet goes down, it is good to know you still have other options for getting in touch. And if they don’t answer their phone you know they will have a fax waiting for them when they return.

So make sure your new all in one printer has this facility. You will be glad you got one that has it built in.