Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Vs Epson SureColor P800, Which One is the Best ??

When you are confused about deciding whether to choose Canon or Epson printer, no worry! Here is a clear understanding of Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 vs Epson SureColor P800 you can read on to help you finally make a decision. Both the printers are considered best for photo printing along with the image quality and longevity of the print.

Today’s best printers for business are these two types of printers. Either Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 or Epson SureColor P800 has more similarities on paper. They come with high-quality multiple ink systems, best connectivity features and the ability to deal with the roll or cut media. However, there are some slight differences, making you feel like a gap.

Here is the review to make you clearly understand both of the printers which are similarly best on the market today.

Price and Cost

Price is the most crucial factor that all people figure out just before they are purchasing something. As a printer is one of the crucial office needs, you must also carefully figure it out. Canon P1000 vs Epson SureColor P800, they both are expensive. However, the print costs offer you superior print quality. However, Canon is a little bit higher in print costs with superior output quality.

Ink System

The second thing to see and help you choose which one is better to pick up between the two printers is the ink systems. Both Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 and Epson SureColor P800 come with the feature of pigment-based inks along with the multiple ink systems. In fact, pigment-based inks are much better than the all-in-one office inkjet. Pigment-based inks produce a more accurate color than the regular ink.

Ability to Feed Roll Media

Today’s market notes that Canon P100 and Epson P800 are the professional photo printer in the top list. This way, they are able to feed roll media well. Specifically, Canon has more flawless paper feeding compared to Epson which needs more struggles at times.


When it comes to specifications of Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 vs Epson SureColor P800, there are some slight differences you need to get to know just before finally purchasing one of them. Have a look at each of the printer’s specs below to find a clear understanding.

Printing Speeds

The printing speed of both printers is different from one to another. In this case, Canon P1000’s printing speed is approximately 3 minutes 35 seconds for color (LU-101) and 6 minutes either for color and mono (PT-101). On the other hand, Epson P800’s printing speed is approximately 2 minutes for A4, 4.5 minutes for A3+ and 6 minutes for A2. Thus, Epson is faster in printing than Canon.

Paper Handling

Along with the feature of a rear tray or manual feed slot, Canon P1000 is able to handle more various media types including plain paper, photo paper plus glossy II, photo paper pro platinum, photo paper

pro luster, photo paper plus semi-gloss, photo paper matte and other kinds of matte photo paper and glossy photo paper.

Similarly, Epson P800 also comes with the front and rear feed trays as well as optional roll handling accessories.

Print Resolution

Another spec to check out of both printers is the print resolution. Canon P1000 has maximum print resolution of 2,400 x 1, 200 dpi. On the other hand, Epson P800 has a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi supported by Epson’s Micro Piezo printing head technology for both unidirectional and bidirectional printing.

In addition to printing resolution, Canon P1000 has 12 inks while Epson P800 has 9 inks.

Additional Features

Surprisingly, Epson P800 includes the print layout software to let you simply plugin and use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Nikon ViewNX-i. This software will enable you to use the options of whether to choose borderless images of border sizes and styles aside. Thus, you can print images either individually or collectively.


As the final words, you may conclude that Canon P1000 vs Epson P800 will be the topic in today’s market. By understanding the similarities and differences of both printers, it is expected that you make the right decision whether to choose Canon P1000 or Epson P800. In short, which one you want to pick up will depend much on what you need.