Canon IVY Portable Wireless Printers : Mini Photo Printers For Daily Use

In the modern era like today, we certainly want a sophisticated and easy-to-carry gadget. So also with printers that have basic functions for printing documents. But it will be very difficult if you have to bring a printer that you normally use at home, because in addition to having a large size, it is also very risky with spilled ink and we also have to find an electrical terminal. But now you do not need to worry about these problems and can be overcome by bringing a portable printer that has a smaller size and very light weight.

In this article, we will discuss a Canon printer, named Canon Ivy Mini, this device is the smallest Canon printer has ever released. The size is very small, with dimensions that are almost the same as external hard disks, and like the majority of portable printers on the market, Canon Ivy also relies on ZINK (Zero-Ink) technology in its photo printing process.

This 2″x 3″ wireless portable printer can be taken everywhere you go and you can easily connect your mobile devices to the Canon Ivy mini photo printer application using Bluetooth.

You can use this tiny printer by combining it between your smartphone and Canon ivy mini app, and using this application, before you start printing photos, you can customize your photos by adding various effects, filters, frames, stickers, text and you can activate the feature AR face distortion, collage prints and tile prints

Ivy Mini Portable printers are powered by rechargeable batteries. It can last up to 20 Sheets per Charge. Not the best indeed, but that’s a risk that users usually have to accept when portability is a top priority.

This printer you can buy at various online stores including Amazon, and inside includes 10 ZINK papers. If you want more paper, you can buy it separately. This printer itself is available in 3 black variants, mint or rose gold, all with white front sides.

Canon IVY Unboxing