Canon Pro 100 vs Pro 10 Specs Comparison, Which One is The Best ??

When it comes to choosing a printer out of Canon series, here is Canon Pro 100 vs Pro 10 you need to check out. In general, they are quite similar, however, there are some specific differences you need to recognize when you have to consider which one to pick up.

Both printers share similarities including CD printing capabilities, borderless printing capabilities, black and white specific system and two paper feed paths. These similarities make the uses cannot recognize the differences even if you have been using them for several weeks.

In relation to printing photos and other printers’ capabilities, here are what you need to know about both of them.

Physical Dimensions

Both Canon Pro 100 and Canon Pro 10 has almost the same physical dimensions in which the difference is only a slight in the weight. Canon Pro 100 weighs 43 pounds while Canon Pro 10 weighs 40 pounds. Both machines have the same size and compact design. They are big and heavy. If you want to move them, well, you need assistance.

Ink System

The first thing of Canon Pro 100 vs Pro 10 you have to know is the ink system. At first glance, both Canon Pro 100 and Canon Pro has only a little difference in the physical shape. In this case, Canon Pro 100 uses an eight-dye pigment-based printer while Canon Pro 10 uses a ten pigment-based printer. The ink type composition of the two printers is different as well as how the ink rendered on paper. This affects the printing result. Canon Pro 100 produces the more vivid colors yet fading much faster than Canon Pro 10 which produces less vivid colors.

Printing Speed

The second thing to recognize dealing with the two printers’ similarities and differences in the printing speed. In relation to printing capability, the printing speeds of a printer is an important factor that the users must consider before purchasing.

In this regard, there are various tests conducted to find out the printing speed of both Canon Pro 100 and Canon Pro 10. The result shows that Canon Pro 100’s printing speed is much faster than Canon Pro 10. In this case, Canon Pro 100 took 50 seconds for standard printing with the quality level 3 luster paper. Meanwhile, Canon Pro 10 took 2.29 minutes for standard printing along with 8 x 10 inches on the same paper.


What’s more to recognize? Price is the next thing to see between Canon Pro 100 and Canon Pro 10. In this way, the price can vary from the higher to cheaper price. Actually, both printers have almost the same price. The difference in the operating cost lays in the ink tanks use. This way, Canon Pro 10 has higher per-print cost just because it has more ink tanks that provide the users a bit time before replacement.

Approximately, Canon Pro 100 costs around $500 while Canon Pro 10 can reach $700. This is only the most current price approximately predicted. So, Canon Pro 100 vs Pro 10 has a bit different price.


The last but not least thing to consider whether to choose Canon pro 100 or Canon Pro 10 is the impressions. Based on the 200 photo printing results of users, Canon Pro 100 proves its excellent printing speeds along with the incredible output quality. It also has better fade-resistant for the dye inks.

Similarly, Canon Pro 10 is also perfect in its color quality. The photo results have such vivid colors as there are improvements. This way, the color production is very good due to the feature of pigment-based inks which are remarkable and long-lasting. The specialty of media feed path contributes much in accommodating the thick papers and manage to handle them well.


Finally, you may come to conclude that Canon Pro 100 and Canon Pro 10 have more similarities than the differences. Since the prices are slightly different, you may need to pay attention more to deciding which one to purchase. It is expected that this Canon Pro 100 vs Pro 10 article will help you compare the two machines so that you can pick up one that is more suitable to meet your needs.