Choosing best color laser printer is a difficult task. There are several different types of printing brands and technology to choose from. Every device is unique and suited for different purposes. From tiny travel companions to workgroup horses, some are suitable for heavy load printing whereas others best for photographic printing.

Determining your printing needs and budget, is the most important part while determining the best color laser printer. Printers are categorized according to their specifications and cost however certain specifications can be misleading. The ideal way is to clearly determine the purpose for which the printer is required and then allocating a realistic budget for it. This will help in creating the best laser color printers list. Then specifications can be compared to choose best laser color printer for you.

Color laser printers these days are economical and affordable and for commercial use these days color laser printers range between around $700 to $2000. Once you clearly determine the price range there are a number of things to compare amongst the available options.

First is the brand. Many people don’t like trying different brands and stick on the ones they have previously used and are satisfied. Others like trying different brands and different technology every time.

Another thing to consider is whether the printer is being used on a network. High memory printers are required for networked environments.  However you can work around it by installing a dedicated print server computer.

Considering you require a printer for large volume printing, print speed is another area you need to consider while choosing best laser color printer. Printing speeds generally vary from 10 pages per minute to 25 pages per minutes depending on the printer. Average print yield per cartridge ranges from 1000 pages to 5000 ranges and is also an important point to consider and so is the printing duty cycle while choosing the best laser color printer for high volume printing.

You may even consider a multipurpose color laser printer to fulfill your printing, scanning, copying and fax needs by using just a single device. For small offices where printing requirements are small to medium, multipurpose printer can be the best color laser printers. They offer various features with crisp results and require less space. They may even be the best choice for the people who have small offices or even for those who work from home.