DYMO Label Printer LabelWriter 450 Review

Not many people understand the importance of a label printer, but if you have a business and also have to deal with a lot of label printing, then you should consider having one. In fact, a dedicated printer for a label can be a worthy investment because you won’t have to spend money on printing labels. Yes, labels may be small but a bulk of them will require you to spend money. It would be better if you can have your own printer and print your own label – it would definitely save a lot of money.

Quality Label Printer with Thermal Technology

Not many people realize that creating a premium quality label can actually affect your business. The appearance of the label can really affect the representation of the business. If it looks lousy or all over the place, customers may think that that’s how your business is like. And this is something that you don’t want to have, for sure.

It’s a good thing that there is a thermal and also label printer that can help you. The label printer would be smaller in size and dimension – unlike the regular printers. As the name suggests, it is a label printer, which means that you can create various kinds of labels – whatever variants, types, sizes, and forms. And having the seemingly unimportant device can actually be functional and handy because the printer does a good job in delivering quality performance.

Other Promising Features

· It is a thermal printer: You can consider it as a label and thermal printer bundle, enabling you to print return address and custom address labels. The thermal printer means that you don’t need to use any ink, ribbon, or cartridge. It saves you a lot of money for the operation – especially in the long term.

· High-quality printing: The printer is about delivering high-resolution and premium quality, even to the labels. You can use popular and easy programs, such as Outlook or Word directly from the computer. The label would look awesome and flawless.

· A complete package and bundle: When you buy the package, not only you can get the printer, but you can also get 2 rolls of labels, a USB cable, an adapter, a power cable, and also Dymo software CD.

· Print Speed: Up to 51 labels per minute

· Easy and straightforward installation: There is nothing complicated or fussy about the installation. You should be able to manage everything quite easily.

· Crystal-clear printing quality: Labels aren’t exactly easy to print, especially if the overall quality is lousy and lame. It’s a good thing that the printer can print crisp and clear graphics and barcodes.

· Compact and small design: The printer has this nice small and compact size and design. It is so easy to place, move around, and even carry around.

· Operating system compatibility: You are free to connect the printer to your computer, whether it is a Mac or a Window system. And you are also free to customize or personalize it.


In the end, you will get tons of beneficial features and fantastic perks. Sure, the printer isn’t 100% perfect but it is able to deliver promising work and performance that can benefit you. Now you only need to decide whether this label printer is the right one for you.