Epson 810 All-in-One Printer Review

There are countless reasons that make the Epson 810 one of the best printers available in its price range. While everything that Epson promises in its product descriptions sounds excellent, it is important that an individual takes their research further than this. In order for a person to make a good decision instead of taking a gamble on a product is to conduct research by reading over reviews. Reading over the experiences of past customers of the 810 is the only way to ensure that a good decision is being made, allowing a person to feel confident with their purchase.


One of the biggest appeals in printers these days is ink usage. Many people have built up the correlation between printing excessively and expensive fees in paper and ink cartridges. Luckily, the 810 is different from the others due to the conservative use of ink. An individual can print a large number of documents and pictures without running low in ink.

Another money-saving feature of this printer is the ability to use recycled paper. While many printers have a very strict requirement for the type of paper that can be used, the 810 accepts a variety, ranging in size and weight. Another huge decision-maker for many consumers is how simple the interface is. The 810 features a bright touch screen display, making it easy for an individual to choose their settings and more.

The wireless capabilities are also extremely appealing for people who have several laptops or computers throughout their home. Like all printers, the most important factor should be the print quality. Epson promises extremely high-quality images and documents, and the 810 certainly delivers on this note. Pictures printed with the 810 looks indistinguishable compared to drugstore prints, making this printer ideal for people who are interested in printing high-quality pictures at home.


While there are countless benefits of purchasing the 810 printers, there are only a small handful of drawbacks. Some of the past customers of the printer have reported that installation can be quite difficult, especially for those who have past experience with computers and such.

Along with the semi-difficult portion of installation, the printer can also present problems while scanning documents. Compared to other printers in this price range, the 810 may be more complicated to transfer a document or image using the printer alone. The trick to avoiding this is to use the computer to initiate and control the scan. Doing it this way will eliminate the problems that many people face while using the printer