Epson Expression ET-2750 Review 2022 – Supertank Wireless Printer with Affordable Price

If you want to enjoy effective printing management in an abundant number without hurting the wallet, then Epson Expression ET-2750 would be the perfect option. Not only this printer encourages and supports economic and efficient printing management, but it also comes packing with tons of handy functions. With this printer, you will never have to deal with any lame operation or such thing alike.


Don’t you love it when you have a single device that can be used for many functions and activities? This printer can be used as a scanner, a printer, and also a copier. If you have a business, this would save you a lot of money because you don’t have to have any extra spending to buy all of those things. Rest assured that each function can work just well – as expected. The copier can produce a quite satisfying result, or the scanner can perform the task quite easily.

The Epson Expression ET-2750 printer also supports wireless printing, which means that you don’t have to connect the printer to any computers or devices. Whether you want to print documents from your smartphone or tablet, you can easily manage it without using any cable as the connection. This technology will also remove the hassle of having to use the cables and then connect them.

Besides the wireless printing, the printer also supports automatic 2-sided printing. It is automatic from the time you unbox it. If you want to make some changes, you will have to go to setting and manage it. But the duplex printing can seriously save you paper up to 50%. And you won’t have to compromise the quality of the printing either.

The Ink

Instead of using the cartridges that can seriously affect your spending, this printer is using refillable bottles. When your printer runs out of ink, you only need to refill it. No more cartridges that can cost you money or hurt Mother Earth. Cartridges are one of the main pollutants of the environment. If you can eliminate the cartridges, you are saving the environment in the most significant way.

Will it be difficult to refill the ink? Not necessarily. Epson has created smart auto-stop keyed bottles that will prevent you from filling a tank with the wrong color of ink accidentally. Refilling the tanks would be mess-free and you won’t create any mess or chaos. You should read reviews from many users who have tried refilling their printer’s tanks. They can do it quite easily without creating a mess or a spill.

Smooth Printing

The efficient and effective ink is another thing to like about this Epson Expression ET-2750. It has a decent speed – not so fast but not so slow either. you can expect to print around 10-11 pages in a minute for black and white while you can get 5-6 pages in a minute for colors.

This printer is the improved version of the previous line, which means that Epson has addressed some of the major issues concerning the performance. The previous variants often deal with clogged printheads, which can be super annoying. With this printer, however, you won’t have to worry about such a thing. Clogging is made to minimize. The possibility of ink drying will also be minimal.

The Software and Setup

You will deal with online software, which means that you will have to download the driver. If you follow all the instructions and directions to the letter, dealing with the setup would be easy. Some users, however, find this step to be confusing and pretty outdated too. But the overall process is pretty straightforward although you do have to go through many stages. From the setup, you will have to deal with Ink Charging and then the Printhead Alignment stage. Just follow the directions and steps to finally enjoy the result. Never skip a stage unless you are really an expert on this.

Printing Quality

The quality is good. When you have to print photos, the results are sharp and bright. But if you are going to print images, it’s better to tweak the saturation setting first so you can get the best result. But for an entire quality and performance, this one won’t disappoint you.

In the end, this printer will save you a lot of operational costs in the longer run. You can also enjoy the easiness in the management and the convenient tweaking. Rest assured that you will never be disappointed having this Epson Expression ET-2750.