Epson SureColor P600 Vs Epson SureColor P800 Review

Loving Epson series will make you a bit confused when it’s time to purchase one printer, right? Thus we come to inform you Epson P600 Vs P800 review to read on so that you can make the right decision. Both of these printers are related. The desktop printers use nine inks in producing professional-quality printers, graphic design prints, and fine art. All about the print quality, speed and performance are almost the same. The significant differences between the two printers lay on their size, initial price and printing costs.

To understand more about the similarities and differences about Epson P600 and Epson P800, here we have drafted the review about both similarities and differences in a specific way.

Similarities of Epson P600 Vs P800

There are some similarities of Epson P600 Vs P800 that will lead you to understand that either using Epson P600 or Epson P800 will give you the same services as well as satisfaction. Firstly, both of the printers come with 9 Ultra Chrome pigment-based inks, making the color production more vivid and sharp. For black and white color, the printers offer a driver system for the toned and neutral prints.

If you want to print a photo, you can just optimize the use of Photo Black and Matter Black ink depending on what kinds of media you are using. In addition to printing photo capability, either Epson P600 or Epson P800 is able to use the heavy and thick paper such as canvas. Yup, they are both compatible with a variety of papers.

To print easily, both of these printers provide the users with the features of three paper feeds which are the top auto tray, roll, and front specialty single sheet. Don’t forget that they also come with the ability to use custom sizes so that you can adjust the custom size just before printing the photos.

One more! Epson P600 and Epson P800 control all its printing duties by the touch screen. Along with this technology, you can just touch the menu on the screen and send the print job easily instead of pressing on the old buttons.

Differences Of Epson P600 and Epson P800

There are some significant differences between the two printers in terms of platform, minimum and maximum sheet size, ink tanks capacity and the physical dimensions.

In this regard, P600 has 13 inches wide platform while P800 has 17 inches wide platform. P600’s minimum size is 3,5 x 5 inches along with the maximum typical sheet size 13 x 19 inches and maximum print length 129 inches. Additionally, the rolls are 8 and 13 inches.

P800, on the other hand, has a minimum sheet size 3.5 x 5 inches along with the maximum typical sheet size 17 x 25 inches and the maximum print length 590 inches. The rolls are noted to be 8, 13 and 17 inches.

Epson P600 and Epson P800 have a different ink tank capacity as well. In this case, Epson P600 provides the users with the ink tanks capacity 25.9 mL while P800 provides 80 mL.

What is the other difference between Epson P600 Vs P800? A bit of difference is noticeable at the physical dimensions. Epson P600 has 24.2 x 14.5 x 9 inches for the width, depth, and height. On the contrary,

Epson P800 is measured 26.93 x 14.80 x 9.85 inches for the width, depth, and height. This difference is not relatively significant. P800 just looks a bit compact in the design due to its physical dimension.


Though Epson P600 and P800 have an identical print quality, you must consider the size and print cost just before purchasing one of the items. This way, P800 has 50% less printing cost on inks compared to P600.

To make sure which printer you have to purchase finally, you can refer to the previous section about the printer’s maximum print. If you see the difference, then you can choose which one that you need appropriately.


Overall, you can reread the review again to make sure whether you need P600 or P800 instead. This Epson P600 Vs P800 review is expected to be helpful for you to decide which printer that finally suits your needs.