Four Reasons A3 Laser Printers Are Perfect For Home Use

If you’re looking into buying a printer for your home, consider buying laser printers. If you have more than enough budget, then go for an A3 laser printer.

A3 laser printers offer a lot of advantages for home use. Yes, they are expensive but depending on your printing need, you may end up saving money because of your choice of printer.

It’s a tall order to find a suitable candidate and expense is another issue. An A3 laser printer is not something you would expect the average home user to have. If you run your business from home then it would be a little more justified, but be prepared to have a large and heavy machine in the corner. If you need one then you simply have to make space as compact versions are simply not available.

More Printing Options

The choice of an A3 laser printer should be made for having the capability to print in A3 sizes. If you don’t expect to print anything larger than a legal-size paper, then just go for the ordinary laser printer.

However, it does help if you have the A3 capability since it allows you to print different types of materials.

With an A3 printer, you can print newsletters, posters, banners, etc. Although the general consumer only needs a maximum of legal-size printing, sometimes it helps if one has this capability in reserve for unexpected occasions. In many cases, the requirement is only for monochrome.

It’s a workgroup printer with dimensions of 18.8 in x 17.2 in x 15.9 in which is not too bad and weighing nearly 50lbs. Can print at speeds of up to 35 ppm. It covers the whole range of paper sizes it can print on including Letter A Size (8.5 in x 11 in), Legal (8.5 in x 14 in), A4 (8.25 in x 11.7 in), A5 (5.83 in x 8.25 in), B5 (6.93 in x 9.83 in), A3 (11.7 in x 16.5 in), B4 (9.83 in x 13.9 in), A6 (4.13 in x 5.83 in).

Faster Turn Around

Generally, laser printers are faster than inkjet printers are. This principle remains the same even with the increase in size. It is only mentioned here to show that laser printers are indeed very fast printers.

Higher Quality Printing

Compared to inkjet printers, laser printers are more accurate printers. As proof, there are institutions that use laser printers to print raster marks on their own documents to ensure authenticity. They can be very accurate up to a tenth of a millimeter. Most barcode tags are also printed using laser printers.

Laser printers provide texts that are crisper as well as darker black. They are more accurate than inkjet printers are because they use dry ink. With dry ink, there is no possibility of the prints to spread laterally like what usually happens if you use liquid ink.

Cheaper Printing Costs

The acquisition of A3 laser printers is a lot more costly than A3 inkjet printers. However, we did mention before that you should consider buying an A3 laser printer if your budget is more than enough. Generally, laser printers have always been more expensive than inkjet printers have but in terms of printing costs, laser printer offers a lower cost per page than inkjet.

Making It More Affordable

One option to make having a color laser printer more affordably is to purchase refurbished or if you want to take a chance on a used unit that’s another way to bring down the cost of what is potentially an extremely expensive choice.

However, when it comes to frequently using them, using laser printers may be much cheaper because the cost to print one page is a lot cheaper compared to an inkjet printer. This is mainly due to the toner cartridges of laser printers that can go as high as a few thousand pages before running out. Ink cartridges, on the other hand, can only go for a few hundred.

This is looking at it through one side only. Owning an A3 laser printer has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Before heading on out to buy one, make sure you also know the other side of the coin so that you will be prepared when making the purchase.