A Guide To Small Printers if You Have Small Space

There is a great demand for small, more compact and portable electronic devices these days like the small printer. Portability refers to the quality of being light and compact enough to be carried. This recent inclination towards mobility has encouraged the electronics industry to continually introduce advanced models of all types of electronic gadgets. We observe smaller and newer models of different devices being introduced into the market constantly. These include laptops, tablet PCs, mobiles, gaming devices, ipods, scanners and printers.

One of the most popular technological advancements that has taken place is the inception of the small printer. The electronic industry has responded well to the demands of the people by producing compact and portable printers, that provide advanced capabilities while taking up less space and power than their predecessors. These printers are light weight machines with advanced printing abilities and due to their size, can be carried around easily. Weighing any where from 2 to 5 pounds, they are used by people who are leisure travelers, students, government officials, business men, scientists working in remote locations, freelancers and in fact anyone that travels frequently.

A small sized printer like other printers is divided into the ink jet and the laser categories. An ink jet printer costs much less than a laser model, but the cartridges in the ink jet generally last for a shorter period of time. This ultimately costs more as ink jet cartridges tend to be more costly. So if you only have to print few pages daily, then inkjet is the right choice. However, if printing a considerable number of pages everyday is your need then going for a compact laser printer is the most rational choice.

Different printing technologies are meant for different printing needs and budgets. Apart from the basic inkjet and laser printers, many other types of portable printers are available in the market. The multifunctional printers, having a built in fax machine helping you to avoid the hassle of buying two different machines for printing and faxing. The small photo printer is meant for those who want high quality prints of their photographs. Dot matrix printers are mostly used for printing shipping forms, purchase orders and invoices. Thermal printers are very small, weighing about only one pound, and finally the LCD printers make an image with the help of light sources.

Small printers provide top quality in terms of both color as well as black and white printing. Those who require simple printing should go for a standard black and white printer. Whereas for those who require high quality colored prints, laser printers are the best option. The printer quality can be assessed in terms of DPI value (dots per inch) and the PPM rate (pages per minute). The wireless versions of these printers can use the WiFi technology or Bluetooth , negating the hassle of wires and are also available with rechargeable batteries.

Choosing the right printer can be a daunting task. When buying your much needed printer, you need to determine what kind of small printer you need and what your printer would be used for the most. Prices for these printing devices usually start at $200 and can be as high as $1500. The internet is a good place to look for small sized printers. You can see different models and compare prices online in matter of minutes. Different models of various manufactures like HP, Dell, Samsung , Epson, Canon, Xerox and more, are highly advertised on the internet. Don’t forget to read the product reviews and choose a balance between printer durability, performance, price and weight.