Tips For Choosing the Best Color Laser Printer For Home Or Office

The best color laser printer for home or office will depend on the individual and on the reasons why a printer is needed in the first place. There are many models that will work well for homes and small offices both, and these can range in price from very reasonable to very expensive. Each printer model will offer specific features, and some features are more popular and are used more often than others.

The printing speed is an important factor with any printer. The speed should be reasonable for the amount of printing performed, and is generally from 20-35 pages per minute. The printer capacity is also important. Individuals who only print 20 pages a week can get by with a much smaller capacity, while those who print hundreds of pages on a regular basis may insist on a much larger capacity. If the printer can only hold 50 pages then the machine may need to be refilled very frequently.

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One popular feature with the best color laser printer is the workgroup ability. This means that the printer can be shared among users. A home office printer may not require this capability but offices and companies may find it very beneficial. The printer should be designated as a workgroup model for this feature to be offered. The feature may or may not be preferred, depending on the individual circumstances.

The type of media that the printer can work with is another important aspect. Some printers will only print on plain paper, while others allow printing onto numerous media types, including envelopes, cards, and labels. Since the ability to use different media types may not increase the cost of the printer much it is usually a good idea to choose all media types that may be used.

The best color laser printer is one that can be used as often as needed with a minimum of hassles or maintenance. Whether the printer is chosen for home use, office use, or even home office use the features that are available may be surprising. Newer printer models that are more expensive usually offer the latest in printing technologies, while older models may work just as well while providing cost savings at the same time.

Here are some of the best color laser printer for home or small office  ;

  • HP LaserJet Pro M277dw
  • Canon Lasers MF726Cdw
  • Brother Printer HLL8360CDW
  • Samsung Xpress SL-C480FW/XAA
  • Dell E525W

Above printers have been used by a lot of people in the world and each comes with different features, print speed, connectivity options, and more.

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