How Do You Know What Printer You Need? Read This and Find Out

f you plan to buy a printer, don’t just buy the first printer you see on the shelf. Printers are not cheap equipment so it is wiser to put some thought into the type of printer you plan to buy. There are a lot of printers available in the market. What we will do is go through some questions that will help you decide what type of printer to buy. Printers can be categorized into different types with regards to the method they use, laser or inkjet.

It can also be categorized in what media they use, photo paper, A4 printer paper, or other types of media. Depending on the use, it can also be a network type or not. To find out more, in this article you will answer questions that will further allow you to understand more your needs.

Do you need to print in color? Answering this question will most first define whether you need a colored printer or not. In terms of pricing, monochrome printers are much cheaper than colored printers despite using the same technology.

Do You Need Large Size Printing? If you need to print on larger sizes such as A3 sizes, it is better for you to invest in A3 printers. Although it would mean that you’ll be purchasing larger printers. However, if you only plan to use regular sizes like A4 printer paper or Letter sizes, then you have more options to choose from since they are more abundant than large paper printers.

Do You Need To Print Fast? If you do, then you should consider buying a laser printer. Laser printers are the fastest printers in the market. Publishing companies even make use of them although they use much more sophisticated laser printers with speeds as high as a thousand pages per minute. If printing speed is not really your concern, then you can choose between laser and inkjet printers, which can print in the ranges of 30ppm, which is already fast enough for home use.

Will You Be The Only One Using It? A number of printer models have been released that are capable of interfacing with networks. If you plan on buying a printer with the intention of sharing it with a network, it would be best to look for a printer that has wireless capabilities.

Is Printing All You Need? Most printers today are integrated with other types of machines such as copiers and scanners. This is actually a lot more practical if you need to do some of these tasks as well. You can save a lot by investing in something that can do two or more tasks rather than buy separate machines, which are meant for different tasks. Even if they just do one thing, their cost can still be comparable to multifunctional printer machines.

By now, it is likely that you already know what type of printer you need, or perhaps want. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to choose a model that has everything you want.