How to Know When to Change Your Printer Cartridge

A printer will add an untold level of functionality to your home office computer. It turns any room into a home office. With the advancements in printer technology you can do everything from print emails to full sized photographs.

Unfortunately though you can go through a lot of ink quickly and refills are expensive. You don’t want to change your printer cartridge until you absolutely have to. There are a couple things you need to know about when to change your printer cartridge.

The printer software on newer models can actually detect the ink level and tell you when a cartridge needs to be changed. To save you money though don’t change out the cartridge when the printer tells you it’s low. Instead wait until the ink runs out and then pop in a new cartridge. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra cartridge on hand.

Another way to save money is to set the print quality to the lowest setting. This means the routine emails and documents you print won’t waste a lot of ink.

One of the best ways to prolong printer cartridge life is to change your printer settings. For most home printing simple black ink is enough. Simply change the printer settings to print only in black and white. There really is no need for a full color print out of a web page recipe.

If you start to print and the quality just isn’t what it used to be it might not be that it’s out of ink. Instead the inkjet head could be clogged. Run the clean cycle on the printer a few times to see if it clears up. If after cleaning the printer it still produces streaked or faint images then it’s probably time to go ahead and change out the cartridge.

The biggest thing to remember regarding printer cartridge change outs is to do it only when the ink runs out.  You want to prolong the life of the cartridge as much as possible.