HP Instant Ink Review 2022, the Things You Should Know!

Before you subscribe to Instant Ink service from HP, you’d better read the HP Instant Ink review first – just so you know the basic quality and the perks you can enjoy. It would give you a better idea of how the service runs. It will also help you understand the service better – including the benefits and the downsides.

Image Credit : Store.hp.com

Understanding HP Instant Ink

The service is created with the subscription-based concept that is meant to provide better and less complicated help for the users. It is a monthly-based subscription program that allows you to control your print and how you buy the (printer’s) ink. HP claims that this program is able to help users save up money.

You see, HP will monitor your ink’s usage and detect when it runs out. It will then automatically send you the replacement ink, so you won’t have to buy it on your own. It is based on your regular ink usage’s pattern so you won’t have to worry about running out of ink – or having to go to the store to buy another cartridge in the middle of busy printing job, on that matter.

How Does It Work?

HP Instant Ink program requires you to pay for a monthly printing job. There are different plans for it, depending on how many papers you have to print on a monthly basis. Once you agree on a plan, HP will send you the replacement cartridge as soon as the current one is about to run out – or event empty. In this way, you save up money, time, and energy from going to the store to buy a cartridge.

This isn’t a long-term deal, so you are free to cancel anytime if you feel that it isn’t working for you. And in the event that the printing needs are changing, you can always downgrade or upgrade the plan. It is completely flexible!

Is This Program for You?

After you read this HP Instant Ink review, you should have a better and clearer idea about how the program runs. And there are several considerations that you need to make before jumping to the bandwagon.

First of all, do you print regularly? Do you have to print pages on a regular monthly basis? If you do, and you find out that your regular printing cost is a burden to your finance, then you may like this subscription plan. However, if you don’t print regularly, then this plan isn’t for you.

Second, HP is monitoring your activity which means that you have to share your activity and information (including email, address, name, printer serial number, etc). When you agree to their service, they have the authorization to monitor your printing activity remotely so they know about your ink level, the type of the documents, the page count, etc. Are you ready to share such info with them?

Third, HP offers Free Plan if you print not more than 15 pages a month. Although it sounds like a good deal, it doesn’t have the rollover pages. Moreover, once you upgrade it to a paid service, you can’t downgrade it anymore to the Free Plan. And even if HP offers the rollover pages service, there are certain limits to it. For example, you are only allowed 100 unused (rollover) pages with the Occasional Plan (which is the cheapest paid plan) and only 200 unused pages with the Moderate Plan. You are allowed more unused pages IF you choose the higher (and more expensive) plan.

Moreover, printing is printing – whether you only print one line or one paragraph, it still counts as one page. You can’t do anything wrong about it. And this is one of the many problems that people are complaining about. A lot of users claim that they have the entire drafts well, but when they print, the printer gives them an attitude, and it results in poor printing results. It still counts a page, and they end up wasting more papers than they should – so much for the plan. What upsets them is that the waste happens not because of their mistake but they are the ones having to deal with it.

The Overall Good and Bad

If you have to sum it up about HP Instant Ink review, there are some worthy (and also unworthy) benefits to enjoy. On the good sides, you can enjoy these perks:

· You can have a convenient way to print and manage your printing outcome. No more trips to the store because the cartridge would be delivered to your front door. And there’s no need to worry about running out of ink in the middle of busy and hectic printing jobs. When your ink is reaching a ‘dangerous’ level, they will have it delivered right away.

· You can save up money especially if you have regular printing numbers or amounts on a monthly basis. If you have to always print less than 300 pages a month, this would be a good deal.

· And let’s not forget the rollover pages – meaning that you can have the extra unused pages for the following months. It may come handy when you have to deal with more load of work in the following months.

However, let’s not forget the downsides, shall we? The scheme may seem profitable and advantageous, but it isn’t perfect.

· If you can’t really put a number on your printing outcome, this scheme may not be the perfect one for you. I wouldn’t say it is ideal when you can save up money one month but spending extra on the following months, or any other months.

· It doesn’t give you the freedom or the flexibility about managing your printing results.

· Don’t forget to consider technical or mechanical faults. Some users claim that their ink has run out but the customer service claims that their record shows that it isn’t. As a result, they don’t send the replacement. And these users are stuck with not functional printer.


In the end, whether this program is ideal or not, it is you who decide. You need to read several HP Instant Ink review and then decide whether you want to have it or not.