HP Original Printer Cartridges – You Just Have to Get Them!

Printers are useful devices but they need ink in order to function. A good printer cartridge can last for a while, but no ink cartridge can last an entire lifetime. It is a necessity to replace ink whenever it runs out in order for the printer to be able to perform its duties and work perfectly. No one can escape from this responsibility if they have a printer.

If you have a printer, you must know how long an ink cartridge lasts. Some of them may be excellent in quality, color, and print-out resolution but can consume great amounts of ink at a time. Others may last a long while but the image quality and color combinations may be very unsatisfactory. It isn’t that easy to find good ink for your printer.

But if you own an HP printer, then you must not have any problems with ink cartridges and replacing them. The reality is that while HP printers are very excellent and world-renowned for their great quality, HP ink cartridges are also some of the company’s best products that uphold their reputation. If you have an HP printer, it’s best to use an HP ink cartridge as well.

What makes HP ink cartridges better than other brands? If you maintain your computer, then you know that there are other brands of inks that you can use on your printer. There are “generic” ink products out in the market that can be used on different brands of printers since cartridges have a standard size and operation.

The generic inks or bargain inks are a lot cheaper, true. But when it comes to resolution and color quality, there’s no bargain ink that can compete with the power of original HP inks. And the cartridges are also better because not only are the inks and cartridges specifically designed to be compatible with each other, HP ink cartridges are also recyclable.

As compared to bargain ink cartridges and those that have only been refilled, HP ink refills can print up to 65% more pages, which means that you can save more money in refilling or replacing cartridges. Also, HP refills have been found to have no failures in operation even as replacements, which defeats bargain inks that have a 33% rate of failure during use or even right after the box.

HP’s high-capacity XL ink cartridges can print up to three times more than the standard-sized cartridges, which means that you have to change them less often. HP also offers inks in packs of different colors and also as twin packs which let you save up to 10% as compared to buying individual refills. HP even expressed its concerns about the environment through the use of recycled plastic to make 500 million new cartridges at a time, and all HP cartridges are 100% recyclable.

If you’re thinking about having that cartridge replaced or getting a bargain ink for your HP printer, you might want to think twice. Only HP ink cartridges can keep up with the quality and excellence of HP printers.