Is It Safe To Use Compatible Ink Cartridges??

Printers are becoming cheaper. The reason for this is that the manufactures want their printers in as many homes and companies as possible. Printers that are sold today are generally of high quality but the increased competition has made the price of a new printer very low. But how do the manufacturers earn money on their printers?

The Manufactures Make Their Money From Selling Ink Cartridges And Printer Accessories

All of the printer manufacturers know that there is not much money to be made in selling a printer cheap to the private consumer. The way they do make money is by selling ink cartridges and accessories for your printer. As you know an ink cartridge run out of ink quickly and buying a new one is in most cases very expensive.

Your Printer Warranty Is Valid No Matter What Kind Of Ink Cartridges You Use

To make sure that they (the printer manufactures) can make a profit they warn users against using other ink cartridges than original ink cartridges. This can be in form of stickers on the printer, in the manual and on their website. Sometimes they even write that your printer warranty is no longer valid if you use compatible ink cartridges. This is simply not true, your printer warranty is valid no matter what ink cartridges you use.

Compatible Ink Cartridges Is A Much Cheaper Alternative

Compatible ink cartridges are produced by the third-party manufactures but made after the same standards so that they work perfectly with your printer. The main difference is that you don’t pay for the brand.

It Is Completely Safe To Use compatible Ink Cartridges For Your Printer

Compatible ink cartridges are a great alternative and if you buy the right ones they will in no way damage your printer or void your warranty. Buy high-quality compatible ink cartridges from trusted sellers and you will be surprised of how much you save every time you hit “print”.

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