K Comer Shipping Label Printer 150mm/s Review

If you need help dealing with your packages and orders, then you should seriously consider buying a good quality thermal label printer. Such a printer isn’t for everyone, though. If you don’t deal with organizing or business, then you won’t need such a device. If your business is so-so with not so many orders or packages on a daily basis, then this printer may not be the perfect one for you either. However, if your business is growing and you always deal with bulk orders from day to day (and you also need to deal with organizing), then this printer can be your new best friend.

K Comer Printer Label Functions

A thermal label printer will help print out different kinds of labels, including warehouse or barcode labels. When you have to process bulk orders, simply provide the information and let the printer do the work. Once the labels are ready, you only need to remove them from the adhesive and stick it to the package. Totally saving up your time.

Moreover, a thermal printer means that the machine uses direct heat technology to print out addresses or texts. You don’t need to use any ink, cartridge, toner, or ribbon at all! Imagine being able to use such a machine without having to spend extra time to buy the supplies. It’s like being able to use something that can last for good – and you know that there is nothing to worry about it.

Extra Beneficial Features

· Impressive resolution and high-speed system. The printer can produce a fast result – no matter the size. The result would also be good, crisp, and detailed. Tweaking the speed will also affect the entire operation of the printer.

·  High printing quality. This shipping label printer offers up to 203DPI resolution and supports printing labels from 1.57” to 4.3” width and 1” to 11.8” height. Also, it is compatible with most shipping and e-commerce platforms

· Operating system compatibility. The printer is compatible with different kinds of operating systems and platforms. You can use it for Mac or Windows easily.

· Auto label detection. The printer can capture (and feed) labels automatically. Once you feed the label, it identifies the label automatically and then adjusts the printing head accurately. Moreover, it has its own Paper-Return technology which can help you save up labels so you don’t have to waste them.

· Good customer service. Not all companies have impressive customer service, but this one is different. The customer service covers remote assistance, social media communication, email, and problem-solving solutions. So when you have problems with your printer, simply contact them and they will try to resolve your issue right away. Technical support is lifetime and free.

· Complete package. This thermal label printer comes with its own USB disk and a label holder. Inside the package, you should also find a user manual, a setup guideline, installation guide, and printer driver.

· Easy and direct installation. You shouldn’t have any issue dealing with the installation. In fact, many users claim that they can install the printer right away even though they don’t have any technical experience or background.


If you want to have a reliable printer to help you manage your workload smoothly, this machine from K Comer can be an ideal pick. You should realize that a thermal label printer can be a serious game-changer.