Laser Printing Your Own Personal Checks?? Be Certain That You are Using MICR Toner

MICR Toner Increases your security and flexibility while decreasing your costs and potential for check fraud. Printing your own checks with MICR toner can provide these benefits and more. Magnetic Toner, commonly known as MICR allows you the flexibility of printing your checks on demand. Since your banking information is not pre-printed on your checks, you can switch banks or checking accounts with little effort. Gone are the days of throwing out boxes of pre-printed checks. MICR Toner also decreases the chances that an employee will be able to run off with a box of your checks and do major damage. It’s MICR Toner that makes all this possible.

What Is In a MICR Toner?

Do you know those odd numbers and symbols at the bottom of your checks? That is the MICR line. It is printed with a special toner cartridge filled with MICR toner. This speciality toner contains particles of iron oxide, that when printed on your check is able to be scanned at your bank by special check readers.

MICR Toner Is An Essential Tool in the Check Process

Upon receiving your check, your bank clears your checks through their check processing system. This usually involves placing the check into a check scanner or reader. This reader first “charges” the check with a magnetic pulse, and the scanner reads the signal back. This process is known as Magnetic Ink Character Recognition or MICR for short. In the event that the bank scanner rejects your check, the teller must process this check by hand or they may reject the check. As you well know, banks love to charge you fees for every little thing, and manual check processing certainly fits the bill.

Why Do I Need MICR? Can’t I Just Use My Regular Toner Cartridge?

Resist the urge to print your checks with a standard toner cartridge. MICR Toner cartridges contain iron oxide, which standard toners do not possess. Checks that do not scan are typically rejected or manually processed and service fees of up to 3.00 are added for each check.

Does MICR Toner Have Other Benefits?

Adding your own style to your checks is just one of the benefits. You can add your own logo, your business slogan, your bank information and even your signature. When you print these items on demand, rather than having them pre-printed, you have the flexibility to make changes to items like your address, phone number and bank account, without having to throw out boxes of old checks. Waiting to print your important routing number and account number on your checks until the last minute provides a level of security that pre-printed checks just can’t match.


When choosing a MICR toner supplier for your check printing needs, do a search online for MICR toner. Then pick up your phone and call. Does the MICR toner supplier answer the telephone? Has your toner supplier been in business for 10 years or more? There are plenty of ways to save money in your small business. Buying an HP MICR toner cartridge from someone making them in their garage isn’t one of them. A reliable MICR Toner supplier and reliable MICR toner cartridges are important elements in your check printing process.