Laser Toner Or Ink Cartridges – What Is Cheapest In the Long Run?

Laser printers have in the later years become much cheaper but most of them are still more expensive than inkjet printers. At the same time, the cost of laser toners are higher than ink cartridges and printer ink. In the long term, the laser printer can however turn out to be the best and cheapest option.

So the question, is it a good idea for you to change from an inkjet to a laser printer?? The answer depends on how much you print the document or whether you want to print a colored document.

For Black And White Print The Laser Printer Is Recommended

When the first laser printers came on the market they cost a small fortune and was big and clumsy. The only real option for the private user was the inkjet printer. Today the market looks different because there are various good laser printer that can be bought for less than $100. However, if you want to be able to print in colors such as graphics, banners, photos, etc, the laser printer is however not the best solution and option. You can do so with a laser color printer but unfortunately, they are much more expensive and does not deliver the great results a much cheaper inkjet printer can.

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Laser Toner Are More Expensive Than Ink jet Cartridges – But Are Much Cheaper In The Long Run

As we explained earlier, the prices of laser printers are generally more expensive than inkjet printers but it has a huge advantage. The more pages you print, the cheaper it becomes compared to the ink jet printer.

For example :

  • A typical laser toner cost $45- $65 and can print 2000-3000 pages
  • A typical ink jet cartridge cost $15 – $35 and can print 400-500 pages

Printing A Black And White Page Using A Laser Printer Reduces The Cost With 50%

If your main printing activity requires you to print a large number of black and white documents, we recommend that you use a laser printer because the printing cost will be around 50% cheaper instead of an inkjet printer. If you don’t print that many pages and want to print photos, graphics or other colored documents, the inkjet printer will be the best option for you.

If you want print a lot of pages, the laser printer is by far the best and cheapest option. A laser printer will also print your pages much faster and black text on white pager will always be crystal clear and durable.