Most Economical Business Printer 2023

Do you know that there are some brands or products that are considered the most economical business printer? Most people think that they have to spend a fortune on their business operation – while in reality, it doesn’t have to be like that. These are the printers to prove that business operation doesn’t have to be costly.

When you can choose the right printer, you can reduce the overall cost so it won’t have to affect your expenses. And it’s a good thing that there are some candidates for the Most Economical printers for your business needs. What are they ??

Our Quick Recommendations

Here’s a quick look at our TOP picks for the Most Economical Business Printer on the market today or check out our full reviews below.

HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction M428fdw

As one of the most economical business printer, this machine has it all. With a single device, you are free to print, make copies, and scan – and you can do it all without compromising quality and performance.

Not to mention that the printer also supports wireless printing so you won’t have to connect it to any machines or devices to print or scan. And it also has its own energy setting and various printing speed.

Does it support automatic duplex printing? Yes, it does – so you can save up paper and also printing costs on the long run. The printer has an automatic feeder too, so you can improve your printing job efficiently.

Brother Business Printer MFC-L8900CDW

If you are looking for a professional business device, this printer would be the perfect pick. Not only it supports multifunctional activities, but it can also tackle big copy and print volume in such a satisfying manner.

The printing speed is impressive – able to produce 33 pages a minute. It also handles two-sided prints just nicely – affecting your performance. As if it weren’t enough, the printer can also be used for wireless printing which removes the hassle of connecting the device with a cable.

And the printer also has its own touchscreen display screen in colors so you can operate it effortlessly. The quality of the printing would be flawless and perfect – suitable for professional needs.

HP LaserJet Multifunction M479fdw

This machine is definitely suitable for business operations because it can handle bulk jobs. Not only it can print, scan, fax, and make copies, but you can also expect a ton of qualified hard work from each activity.

For instance, the machine can be used for two-sided printing and also scanning for a more effective workflow. The automatic document feeder is able to accommodate 50 sheets and the input tray is able to accommodate 250 sheets.

The safety features are quite good with an optional pull or PIN printing and threat notification. Not only it is fully functional but it is also safe.

Brother Networking Printer HL-L6200DW Monochrome

As one of the most economical business printers, this compact device is handy as well as sophisticated. Although this printer only uses monochrome technology, the device alone is pretty compact and yet it has expandable parts that are pretty wide and big.

You also have the option to connect with the wireless system which eliminates the need of using cable for connection. The security features are quite solid and good because they will help you stay connected to your network only and detect any unauthorized device or connection – and notify you immediately.

The printing quality is good – not to mention that it can handle printing bulks quite efficiently.

Canon Multifunction imageCLASS Printer

This is a printer that is able to deliver satisfying and perfect results – especially for business and professional use. The monochrome printer is able to print up to 45 pages in a minute.

With a single device, you can print, make copies, and scan – which is wonderful when you want to save up operational costs for the business. But the downside is the weight – it is a huge and heavy machine.

But if you want to enjoy perfect quality in printing, copies, and even scanning, then you will soon forget the weight. The overall arrangement for the printer itself is pretty simple and straightforward – you should be able to manage it without any problem.

Brother Automatic Printer HL-L8360CDW

Not only this most economical business printer can create professional documents, but the speed is also nice – it can reach up to 33 pages per minute.

The printer also has two options for the connection, through the Ethernet or wireless. Not only it supports auto duplex printing, but it also has other support features that will improve your business to the highest level.

The overall quality is just superb, but it could be better if the printer can print the envelope. But for overall performance, it is pretty good.

Epson Ecotank Printer ET-2720

This printer is perfect for busy and professional use because of the ecotank technology and the use of refill bottles. Instead of cartridges, the printer uses eco tank which is bigger and more economical.

When the ink runs out, you only need to use the refill bottles so you won’t have to buy new cartridges. This mechanism alone is helpful for business people so they won’t have to worry about the operational cost.

You can actually enjoy the efficient operation with the compact design. And the fact that you can easily set everything on your own and still expect high-quality outcomes are the winning factors to like about this machine.

Brother Multifunction Monochrome Printer MFC-L5900DW

This machine is awesome because of the many features it has. It can print, make copies, and scan. You can expect duplex printing as well as duplex copying.

The operation is quite fast because it focuses on the quantity – not entirely on quality. Sure, the outcome is high in quality, as you can also expect easy operation and setup without any complication or drama.

Feel free to tweak the setting whenever you want to make adjustments, but you should also be prepared of the common freeze issue. But in the overall end, the printer is good.

Epson WorkForce ET-4750 Supertank

The greatest thing about this printer is the supertank technology – no wonder if it is claimed one of the most economical business printers ever designed. The ink tank is bigger than the regular cartridges so you can print more pages.

And you only need to refill the tank once it is empty. You only need to buy the refill bottles (which are cheaper) and then have a go! Such an arrangement definitely saves you money and time, and you won’t have to bother with mess either.

If you can combine such a feature with the wireless printing technology, then you have yourself a very good deal. You can always manage your printing job easily without fuss or complication.

Xerox WorkCenter Printer 3335-DNI-WorkCentre

If you are looking for a compact multifunctional printer to help you with your professional needs, then this printer would be a good pick. Not only it supports multifunctional usages, but it also comes with USB and wireless printing.

Can you print from the cloud directly? Be my guest! This is a printer that is designed to support your busy and active professional work.

You can also manage the setting easily even if you don’t have any technical background or knowledge. The printer itself is compact so you won’t have to prepare any extra room for the placement.


These printers are quite functional to help you manage your professional business life. With these most economical business printer brands, you can have a better business operation, for sure.