MUNBYN 150mm/s Thermal Shipping Label Printer Review – For Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, Paypal

Whether you need a label printer for personal use or professional needs, this device from Munbyn won’t disappoint at all. Not only this device is designed with all the right technologies to make your work convenient, but it looks so adorable and cute – you’d never guess that the device is actually designed for commercial use. Of course, you are free to use it for personal or professional use. But even if you decide that you are going to use it for professional function, rest assured that the machine will hold up just well – even if you put it through a busy and heavy-duty workload.

What’s Special about Munbyn Label Printer?

There are many brands focusing on a label printer, but Munbyn is able to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack. One of them is through adorable and cute design. Label printers are generally smaller and more compact, but Munbyn adds up cute color factors into their design so the printers are eye-catching even from afar. Of course, the company also pays attention to the detailed specs and features. What good does it make to create an adorable device that doesn’t work at all?

One of the greatest things about this Munbyn printer is thermal technology. Thermal technology eliminates your need to use cartridges, ink, or ribbon so you won’t have to deal with those extra spending. Moreover, the printer can be a valuable asset for business – not only to print up address or shipping labels but also labels for inventory and organization. In the end, not only you will save a lot of money, but you also save a lot of time and energy – plus, you can enjoy better management and system arrangement.

More Features to Expect

What else can you expect from this device?

· Professional outputs. A label can create different outputs and appearances. If you want to make your business look professional, then you should have a dedicated printer that can deliver such an outcome.

· Heat resistant quality. Even when you operate the printer non-stop, it has its own technology that can manage and control increasing temperature. It has its own heat dissipation technology (with industrial-grade) that will maintain the cool temperature and prevent overheating, especially for continuous and prolonged use.

· A great companion for startups. It’s not easy to run a startup. That’s why the printer will be your new best friend. It helps you save up precious energy, time, and money while making sure that productivity won’t be compromised.

· Impressive printing quality. The printing quality would be just perfect and flawless. It will be professional, sharp, and detailed.

· Many printing outcomes. With this printer, you should be able to print 700 labels non-stop. The printer has its own auto mechanism where it can pause for around 5 minutes to eliminate the heat from the device. You will stay productive with this device!


You may think that you don’t need such a device now. But it doesn’t hurt to think it over again, especially after you have seen how powerful this label printer is and how it can benefit you greatly.