Polono USB Thermal Label Printer 4×6 Shipping Label Printer Review

Many business owners have understood the importance of a label printer, and Polono is one of those brands that are considered a reliable (and trusted) machine. You will start seeing the benefits of having your own dedicated and special printer for labels if you have to deal with a bulk order. Many e-commerce business owners state that this printer is a lifesaver. Once they have to deal with a lot of shipping and packaging, using regular printers is no longer acceptable. With the label printer, they seriously save a lot of energy, money, and time in the process.

The Specialty of Label Printer

You probably think that using a regular printer for the labels will save you money. Okay, let’s say that it is. You will have to do some arrangements with the labels before printing them out. And once you have printed them, you will have to cut them. And that’s not done, because you still need to apply adhesive before sticking those labels to the packages.

Compare the previous process with this one: You turn on the printer, choose a program you want, input the data, and start printing. Once you are done, the labels are already ready within their sizes (you don’t have to cut anything else). And then you only need to remove the back area to stick the labels to the package. Label papers are generally coming with their already ready-adhesive.

From the two processes, you should be able to see which one is faster and more efficient, and which one takes a longer time. And now you can decide, which one would you choose?

Polono label printer Features

· Thermal operation. This thermal technology is about direct printing with heat system. In this way, you don’t need to use any ink or toner – cartridges or ribbons won’t be needed. Naturally, this will help you save money for longer use because you won’t have to buy these supplies.

· Anti-skid feature. The printer has non-slip mats (four of them) that are helpful to create a steady and stable printing experience smoothly.

· Adjustable guide rail. The paper guide has its own adjustable rail that will be useful for different kinds of label widths. Feel free to print labels from 2 inches (50 mm) to 4.65 inches (118 mm).

· Complete package. You don’t only get a printer but you also get additional accessories, including paper storage, user manual/quick start guide, U disk, USB cable, and power cord

· Fast printing speed. The printer can produce around 60 labels a minute with a max speed of around 150 mm a second.

· Auto label detection and identification. Feel free to print any kinds of labels you want, including shipping labels, warehouse labels, and more. The printer has its own ‘smart’ technology. You only need to feed it and it will detect the size and type automatically, making auto adjustment on its own.


Having your own label printer can be a smart investment, especially related to business productivity. Include Polono thermal label printer into your next wishlist and be ready to reap all the perks!