Portable Color Printer – Print Your Documents on the Go

Portable Color Printer units are a fantastic way of printing what you need, when you need it, on the go.  Portable color printers allow you to not only print in black and white – but also the full ‘rainbow’ range of colors.  This means your new mobile color printer serves neither a specific work nor pleasure purpose – but can be used for both!

Portable color printers allow you to take care of your business or work-related activities such as spreadsheets, graphs, and other assignments.  But unlike a lot of portable printers which only work in black and white, these printers function exactly like a desktop printer – but with the added bonus of included portability!

This means that as soon as you’ve finished printing those important documents, you can switch over to printing your photos from your last family holiday. It means you can use it for fun pictures for your daughter, or to print out your son’s geography homework. It’s a printer that can serve all your purposes and needs. Its portability means that when you take it on your next family picnic or holiday, you can print the pictures then and there.

These devices cover you in a way that most ordinary black and white printers don’t. It can be used for a wide variety of functions, and most color portable printers can do everything a desktop printer can.  The only limitations on these devices are their battery life and ink cartridge capacity. But even then, most standard color portable printer units can print several hundred sheets before needing to be repowered. The ink cartridges also last much longer than many people think, allowing many printers to be able to use them for months – if not up to half a year without needing to change them.

They truly are a revolutionary device, because unlike a lot of portable equipment – for example, portable television, they’re not limited to their ‘main’ version. Let me explain, most gadgets scaled-down can do some of the things their main version can – but usually to a much lesser standard and degree. Yet with a portable color printer, it can do everything a standard desktop printer can. What if it runs out of battery? Well for almost all color mobile printers, you can even buy a leisure battery (the reviews can be found at bestleisurebattery.co.uk) and this type of battery can be used as an energy backup in case you need a power source for urgent situations.