Rollo Commercial Label Printer Review – the Modern and Robust Compact Device

Rollo thermal label printer would be a perfect companion for your e-commerce or online business. The machine can print out quality labels that can encourage better management and storage, as well as more professional outcomes. If you have a business, it would be a good idea to have both regular printers as well as a label printer so you can manage your productivity well. Having different devices will help your productivity although you have to spend money at the beginning. But rest assured that it is worth it – and you can actually save a lot of money in the longer term.

Rollo Thermal Printer Specialty

Having this device can really transform your business life into a better outcome. Not only you can print up labels easily, but you can also enjoy easy installation without fuss or issue. Many users claim that installation only takes a while – and it isn’t difficult at all. The majority of them can manage the process quite easily – and fast too!

The printer works well with different sizes and types. Whether you are printing small or wide labels, the results won’t disappoint you. Moreover, the printer is able to deliver 150mm per second, which means that it can print one label every second.

Powerful Features of Rollo Printer

· Thermal label printer that will save you money. A thermal printer means that it applies direct heat. Such a device doesn’t need any toner, ink, ribbon, or cartridges. What about the quality? No need to worry. The printing result will remain premium and high in quality, even without ink or toner.

· Impressive printing outcome. The results would be crisp, detailed, and clear. There won’t be any lousy or lame quality with this machine.

· Rugged and modern design. If you take a look at the printer, it may look simple. And yet it exudes minimalism. It is modern and portable. It is compact and rugged. Don’t let the small size fool you because it is able to do impressive work and outcome.

· Productive printer. Do you know that the printer can actually print around 238 labels in a minute – and those labels are the four-row types? That’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

· Compatible with all major shipping platforms. Compatible with, Endicia Dazzle, ShipStation, etc and market places including Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and others.

· High-quality construction. The printer may look small and compact, but the quality is impressive. It is sturdy and solid – not flimsy or lousy.

· Auto label identification. Simply press a button and the machine will detect the labels’ characteristics and size automatically. Unlike other printers that can be fussy when dealing with labels loading, this one isn’t. In fact, you can expect drama-free, fast, easy, and straightforward label loading every time!

· Compatibility with any thermal label. You don’t necessarily have to use labels from Rollo to get the machine going. The printer works with ALL kinds of thermal labels – as long as they are thermal. This will give you greater versatility because you can choose any label you want – no matter what brand or type it is.


If you want a modern and robust printer without issue, this device can be a perfect pick. This thermal label printer from Rollo can be a good option for your next purchase.