The 5 Different Types of Brother Office Printers

Brother office printers come in five different categories, and these categories all serve a particular purpose. If you are thinking about getting a Brother Office Printer, then it is important to understand what each and every type of Brother Printer can offer you and which one will provide all of your printing needs.

Brother All-in-One Inkjet Printers

Brother All-in-one inkjet printers are all designed for personal, home office, as well as small business printing. Most of these printer devices come equipped with an LCD display that allows you to control and operate the printers quickly and easily, without having to use a computer, especially if you will use the printer only for copying or faxing. These devices come in compact models that are designed for personal use, fully functional models for home offices, and wide-format devices that can be used for poster printing and other large media printing purposes.

Most of the devices in this line have direct printing features including memory card slots, PictBridge connectivity, and USB connectivity. Some of them even have built-in telephone handsets which are used for fax functions, making it easier for you to make calls and receive faxes without having to handle so many machines. The prices of these Brother all-in-one inkjet printers are even more attractive, as they mostly cost less than $150.

Brother Monochrome Laser Printers

Single function monochrome laser printers are great to use in a small office or a home office. Many of the single function monochrome laser printers offered by Brother have compact structures that are specially designed for small home offices and limited office spaces. These devices are very good for personal and minimal printing, especially since their capabilities are limited to printing in black and white.

Brother Color Laser Printers

Single function color laser printers from Brother are only a few but they are a good selection, although rather costly. Nevertheless, they are good investments especially if you want a low-cost printer that can produce full-color printouts in a short period of time. These printers come in several upgraded models, sometimes with additional wireless connectivity or additional paper trays, which extend the functionality of the device as a whole.

Brother All-in-One Monochrome Laser Printers

For all-in-one printing, there are all-in-one monochrome laser printers that can provide you with all of your needs. These devices can come in two categories: copiers and fax machines. Those printers with fax functions and integrated handsets are given the model name Laser Multifunction Center, denoting the complete functionality of the devices. The copiers do not have fax functions and they only make use of a flatbed mechanism for copying and scanning. These devices are primarily printers, but their other functions are definitely of good quality and excellent speed. Many of these devices have duplex functions, so you can surely make the most of these printers.

Brother All-in-One Color Laser Printers

For all-in-one color laser printers, Brother offers a good selection of speedy devices with high resolutions and great features. Many of the all-in-one color laser printers from Brother have complete functions including fax, and some of them have many features for direct printing like memory card slots and PictBridge/USB connectivity. They also have LCD displays and fully functional control panels which are specifically engineered to make operation and navigation of these devices easier and more optimal even without a computer.


These different types of Brother office printers have their own specialties and specific functions, so it is best to know what they are used for before you decide to actually buy a specific model. That way, you can be sure that your investment is definitely worth it.