Top 10 Best Color Laser Printer 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

It is only logical when people are looking for the best color laser printer when they want to have the best device for their business operation. Whether you want to deal with common and regular documentation or you want to deal with colored images and printing, having the right device will be the best option that you can make. And if you don’t want to waste your money, it is always advisable to do the right research and study – so you will be able to get the right printer device.

The Many Various Options and Picks

The decision to choose the best color laser printer can be a headache, simply because they are so many different options out there. Whether you want to go with a laser printer or the inkjet, or you want to choose the colored only or the black and white, all of those things matter. Narrowing down your options to one particular brand or name can be difficult but it doesn’t mean that it would be impossible. Again, as long as you have done your research and you know your specific requirements, choosing one machine won’t be a problem. The key is to really understand your needs and not to rush things. The following products can be considered if you are looking for the best one ;

Top 10 Best Color Laser Printers 2023

1. HP LaserJet Pro M277dw

As one of the most popular laser printer ever designed and created, this printer comes with all the right features and abilities. The design and construction, for a starter, is super solid and sturdy. Not only the colored printing ability is super nice and tacky, but most of the features are also very helpful when you want to do some serious printing, scanning, or making copies job.

Expect yourself to enjoy some of these features especially when using the printer:

  • The construction and design are compact – 40% smaller when compared to the previous designs.
  • You can expect more printing quality, up to 28% with the original ink toner. With the original product, you can expect sharp quality and yet saving the overall use

The Pros:

  • This is a perfect device for the home office, especially when you just start a business
  • The overall features and specs are super handy – very helpful when you have to manage the abundance of printing needs
  • The device is a multifunctional type that isn’t only efficient for printing, but also for scanning and making copies
  • The device supports mobile printing, which means that you can adjust the setting so you can print from any external devices without having to physically connect the printer with any cable
  • You can use this printer with Windows 10 although you may need a driver to connect yourself to it
  • The printer comes with a touchscreen display that can help with operation and use

The Cons:

  • The printer doesn’t support duplex scanning although it supports duplex printing
  • Memory issues, especially for scanning and making copies, can be a huge downside. If you don’t have to make those documents, then it won’t be a problem
  • The ink can be pretty expensive, especially when compared to other competitor brands.

2. Brother Printer HLL8360CDW

If you are looking for an affordable device that is compact, hassle-free, and reliable, this would be the perfect device for your needs. It has been equipped with various great features and this machine will deliver the crisp outcome without you having to spend a fortune. After all, there are some many positive elements to like about this printer, including:

  • Easy setup and installation. Even if this is your first time managing everything, you won’t find any difficulties or problems or whatsoever
  • This is one device with affordable operational costs. From the inexpensive but high in quality ink to the easy setting and management, be sure that this machine won’t disappoint you or whatsoever
  • The paper tray is able to accommodate lots of paper, more than 150 papers so you don’t have to constantly replace it. The tray is also able to accommodate 50 different paper size so you should be able to print any documents or papers without hassle
  • The printer comes with a nice and accommodating display screen, which also includes color and touchscreen features. You’d be surprised to find out that such a small feature will be proven to be super handy and useful

The Pros:

  • Different people have different opinions about the noise. For some people, the device is said to have a pretty noisy operation but for others, the noise is still low and tolerable when compared to others
  • The printing quality and printing speed are pretty okay. They are good and reliable, perfect for any small home industry or business

The Cons:

  • Expensive
  • When your ink is running low, it is advisable that you replace it right away. If you are running out of the ink and you haven’t replaced it, then you won’t be able to print anything
  • Expect some printing delay when you have just activated the machine

3. Canon Lasers MF726Cdw

From the design and construction, the printer looks like one of those professional and with a very good design with easy arrangements and setting. This printer comes with all the right software that will make your operation a breeze. Making copies will be easy, even when you have to do double-sided copies. Sending and receiving fax is also easy and simple – pressing the buttons has never been fun! There are some handy features that you will love about the device, such as:

  • Mobile printing will improve the efficiency and use of the printer. You only need to make some adjustments and you will be able to print or scan from any external devices without having to directly connect them
  • This is a wireless device which means that you can easily set the device with any other gadgets and expect flawless operation without a fuss
  • The printing quality is solid and fast. You can print up to 21 pages per minute in black and white, and expect the overall quality to be super nice and solid.
  • The built-in WiFi connection will make sure that you have an easy operation with very limited obstacles or challenges

The Pros:

  • The cloud printing is very helpful and handy. You only need to press some buttons and you are good to go!
  • The feeder automatic tray is able to accommodate 50 papers, which mean that you can have an effective and efficient operation
  • The LCD display is very helpful and big – with a rather large size up to 7 inches, you should be able to operate your way through the machine without hassle.
  • The seemingly professional and solid construction doesn’t have this flimsy or lousy feel to it.

The Cons:

  • The ink is pretty expensive – even costlier than other competitors with similar features and abilities
  • The fax doesn’t save so you will have to connect it to your computer if you want to save the documents

4. Samsung Xpress SL-C480FW/XAA

This printer comes with an energy rating system which means that you can save up energy while printing the documents for your professional needs. With solid construction and design, be sure that you can stay productive while making use of the best features provided by the machine. There are some supportive features that will improve your operation and use:

  • The Ecosystem comes with a very easy and accommodative touch button. You only need to press it on and you can save up ink, paper, and also overall energy. Skipping blank pages, saving drafts, and printing on both sides of the paper is doable and possible with this feature.
  • You can print out images and also text without compromising the quality. Be sure that they will be brilliant, detailed, and crisp – and you won’t have to deal with lousy outcome
  • The wireless printing ability is able to help you manage an effective printing outcome. Again, with only several touches of buttons, you should be able to print from any external devices without fuss or hassle
  • The installation is easy and a no brainer. No wonder if this device is included as one of the best color laser printer ever produced

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is pretty okay. The combination of printing speed and the basic printing quality is just nice
  • The design is pretty compact and slim – you don’t have to prepare extra space to place the machine
  • The high-quality toner ink will make sure that you have great printing quality – and you don’t have to face any fuss or hassle while managing the arrangement.

The Cons:

  • The software for scanning is quite poor. It is super sluggish and not very much accommodating for overall use
  • Making copies will take a while because it is pretty slow
  • There isn’t any backlit feature for the display screen which can be annoying when you especially work in a poorly lit room

5. HP Laserjet Pro M477fdn

If you are looking for an affordable printer that can do several tasks altogether, this one would be right up your alley. The printing speed is okay. The printing outcome and quality is just flawless. The overall performance is just nice but doesn’t expect too much outcome from it.

There are some promising features that you can expect from this laser printer:

  • The design and construction look like a professional machine, which means that it would be perfect for your home office or your professional office setting
  • The printer has the built-in duplex printing quality which means that you can save up energy and also paper while operating one.
  • You can manage the mobile and wireless printing effortlessly. With easy adjustment and setup, you should be able to share different external devices all at once without fuss or hassle. Most users have used this printer to manage their work through iPad or tablets without any problem
  • You can manage to print from a USB drive. When you want to manage direct printing, it can be done easily
  • The device comes with handy software that will support your professional operation and document management

The Pros:

  • The general outcome and performance of the device is super nice
  • The printer comes with the latest security system that will protect your operation and prevent attacks from happening
  • The individual ink cartridge will save you money – you only need to replace the one that runs out instead of changing the entire cartridges

The Cons:

  • Scanning quality is not that good.
  • Although the machine is able to make copies, the quality is pretty standard and so-so.

6. HP Laserjet Pro M252dw (B4A22A)

As one of the laser printer designed for both personal and professional use, this printer comes with all the right features and abilities. For a starter, the security system is pretty solid and buff. When you use the printer, expect only safe operation with a very slim possibility of breakthrough or system breach. Not many printers have this kind of ability so being able to have one is very much appreciated and liked.

There are also other features that you will love about this machine:

  • The duplex printing system is super handy and helpful in helping you conserve paper and also ink
  • The original ink quality means that you can expect a crisp and bright outcome without wasting too much ink. With a slight ink only, you can expect greater outcome with the darkest outcome
  • The printing ability is quite fast and responsive. Unlike other devices with their delayed printing features, this one is fast and reliable.
  • Managing the workflow is super nice with several touches of the button. Not only installation is made simpler, but overall work operation is made simpler too

The Pros:

  • The duplex printing is nice and accommodative. It will help you save up energy, paper, and also ink
  • You can expect a direct update for the firmware directly on the LCD screen so there is no need to get the device connected to any computer or device
  • Full black ink toner can be expected from this machine – because not all devices will have a full black ink
  • The LCD isn’t only colored but also backlit, which means that you should be able to operate the device easily even in a poorly lit situation and condition

The Cons:

  • Low paper capacity
  • The color ink is pretty okay – it is not overly impressive or amazing.

7. Dell Color Laser Printer (C1760NW)

Having a single printer that can be used for different activities will be handy. It means that you only need to make one purchase, and yet you are able to use the device to make copies, scan documents, and even send out a fax. Moreover, a device that can be managed through wireless operation will be handy because you don’t need to deal with fussy cables.

Here are some of the great features of this printer:

  • You can expect the flawless colored outcome. Whether you use the black and white printing resolution or you use the colored one, be sure that the quality will impress you
  • Managing the setting and the arrangement for the wireless connection will be made easy and simple. You only need to press some buttons and you should be good to go.
  • The printer can be used to handle a heavy load of printing work. You can make 30,000 pages of document reproduction on a monthly base and the printer won’t disappoint you
  • The printing speed is quite nice. When it is used to print black and white, it can accommodate 15 pages per minute. If you are using colors, you can print out around 12 pages per minute. The tray is able to accommodate 100 papers so you don’t have to load the papers again and again.

The Pros:

  • It is compatible with the Windows 10
  • Managing the printer setting is quite easy and effortlessly
  • The energy rating system is very nice and it helps with effective printing management

The Cons:

  • High running cost
  • No need to download any software that will show the level of the ink because it will affect the type of ink that you can use for the printer

8. Brother MFC9130CW

The Brother MFC9130CW comes equipped with some of the basic features, this printer is able to deliver a quite satisfying outcome. If you have your own home office and you want to save up money to buy the device, this printer from Brother can help. Some of the general features that you will love are:

  • You can rely on fast printing ability. Whereas other devices may experience slow when used to print colors, this one won’t disappoint you at all. Printing speed is quite nice – one of the winning elements from this device
  • The device is compact and nice – the dimension and structure are very nice and you don’t have to prepare extra surface or place to accommodate the printer
  • As one of the multifunctional devices, this printer is able to make copies, scan documents, and print just nicely

The Pros:

  • The installation and setting are easy and simple
  • The mobile printing is handy, especially when you want to share loads of work without fuss

The Cons:

  • Duplex printing doesn’t work as expected. It will print on one side and then print on the other side on ANOTHER paper – which is basically such a waste of resource and also efforts
  • The USB port is not available
  • No Auto Duplexer

9. Samsung SL-C1860FW/XAA

You will love the sturdy construction and solid design. It looks professional – perfect for personal or even professional use. It is no wonder if this device is considered as one of the best laser printers because of the many handy features, including:

  • High-quality color. Whether you are using black or white or the colored inks, the result will be flawless
  • The device can be connected wirelessly, especially to several external devices for your professional needs.
  • The machine comes with a dual processor, so it is powerful and also responsive

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is good
  • It is able to scan and also make copies just perfectly
  • The setting is easy to manage – even if you don’t have any past experience with it

The Cons:

  • When it runs out the colored ink, it won’t print at all although you only want to print the black and white

10. Dell E525W

The automatic feeder doesn’t need you to be around the machine when it is running. Once you have set the setting, you can leave it and the machine will complete its work on its own. This is one of the best Dell laser printer ever made, this machine comes packing with tons of useful and helpful features.

Here are some of the features for this machine:

  • The wireless printing ability is handy and good – you can share the printer with other devices
  • The quality of construction is solid and buff – you can tell that it is a professional device
  • The printing speed and quality are just nice and handy

The Pros:

  • The installation will be easy and simple
  • The printing quality is nice, and the speed is also nice

The Cons:

  • No duplexer
  • Low paper capacity
  • The device is pretty heavy. You really want to place it somewhere fix and then not moving it around too much.

Those are some of the reliable names in the industry that can be used for your professional needs. Be sure to go through the lists of the best color laser printer names and brands so you can find the most ideal one fitting your needs.

Choosing The Best Color Laser Printer

Choosing the best Laser printers with color printing is a difficult task as I have mentioned above. There are several different types of printing brands and technology to choose from. Every device is unique and suited for different purposes. From tiny travel companions to workgroup horses, some are suitable for heavy load printing whereas others best for photographic printing.

Determining your printing needs and budget is the most important part while determining the best device. Printers are categorized according to their specifications and cost however certain specifications can be misleading. The ideal way is to clearly determine the purpose for which the printer is required and then allocating a realistic budget for it. This will help in creating the best laser color printers list. Then specifications can be compared to choose the best laser color printer for you.

Color laser printers these days are economical and affordable and for commercial use these days color laser printers range between around $700 to $2000. Once you clearly determine the price range there are a number of things to compare amongst the available options.

First is the brand. Many people don’t like trying different brands and stick on the ones they have previously used and are satisfied with. Others like trying different brands and different technology every time.

Another thing to consider is whether the printer is being used on a network. High memory printers are required for networked environments. However, you can work around it by installing a dedicated print server computer.

Considering you require a printer for large volume printing, print speed is another area you need to consider while choosing the best laser color printer. Printing speeds generally vary from 10 pages per minute to 25 pages per minute depending on the printer. Average print yield per cartridge ranges from 1000 pages to 5000 ranges and is also an important point to consider and so is the printing duty cycle while choosing the best laser color printer for high volume printing.

You may even consider a multipurpose color laser printer to fulfill your printing, scanning, copying and fax needs by using just a single device. For small offices where printing requirements are small to medium, the multipurpose printer can be the best color laser printers. They offer various features with crisp results and require less space. They may even be the best choice for the people who have small offices or even for those who work from home.