Best Photo Printers Review & Buying Guide

For all photo enthusiasts, it is no mystery that pictures tend to be overflowing when they are transferred on a hard drive regardless of the fact that you may have snapped them with a DSLR or an expensive smartphone. If you are looking for a photo printer, make sure that you get one that is capable to produce professional-quality color or black and white prints.

The pigment inks should be of top-notch quality as well because you might want to buy a photo printer that is able to deliver photos that are more fade-resistant. Of course, the budget should be taken into account as well when making this kind of decision, and spending your savings on a photo printer that doesn’t meet even half of your expectations is definitely the last thing you want.

Therefore, we have done some thorough digging and provide you with the best photo printers worth buying that come with a handful of quality features that guarantee to print clean and crisp photos.

Our Quick Recommendations

Here’s a quick look at our TOP picks for the Best Photo Printers on the market today or check out our full reviews below.

1. Canon Selphy CP1200

When one is making a list of printer products, it seems a little odd to leave out Canon products because of how popular their products are in general. We decide to start off with Canon Selphy CP1200 that offers you the liberty to print everywhere thanks to its Wi-Fi button. You will be able to print directly from your wireless network and if you are an Apple product user, you can enable your AirPrint and enjoy the freedom to print your favorite pictures from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. This simple printing can be done from an Android device as well. This Canon Selphy CP1200 isn’t dubbed as one of the best photo printers for nothing, this photo printer is abundant with features that are designed to meet your convenience.


  • The print-on-the-go feature allows you to print anywhere with the optional battery and Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY application that is available both on App Store and Google Play. This app allows you to print via Card Slots, Wi-Fi, USB, and your camera. That’s a fun and great way to print that everyone wants. Nobody wants to get stuck and go to one place just to print pictures, right?
  • The additional features include layout print (shuffle, index, 1-up/ 2-up/ 4-up/ 8-up), 2.7 inches tilt-up LCD display and you can also print ID photos with 43 size variants of your choice. This compact photo printer also comes with Portrait Image Optimize Software.
  • Your days of worrying about your pictures ever getting dirty and covered in liquids are over! Canon SELPHY now features a clear overcoat that guarantees to protect against dirt as well as liquids. Your photos will remain clean and intact even if you spill milk, or water or even accidentally throw a pile of dirt on it.
  • Each Canon SELPHY paper and ink kit comes with enough of each to print 54, 36, or 18 photos so you won’t waste anything and regret anything.
  • This printer has great tools like Image Correction, red-eye correction, and Portrait Image Optimization.


  • Shuffle print allows you to change the looks of your photos
  • Optional battery allows for easy printing even when you are not home


  • Slower than most photo printers

The possibilities with this Canon SELPHY prints are endless. You can now print images at parties, set up a makeshift photo booth or even print pictures to draw on at a kid’s party. This printer is simple to use and pretty straightforward and the image quality is indisputable.

2. HP Envy 4520

If you are looking for something more convenient that offers multitasking ability then this all-in-one printer by HP might be the perfect choice for you. The main features of the HP Envy 4520 are its scan, print (both photos and documents), and copy abilities. Know that despite the fact this printer can do more than just print photos, it doesn’t lessen the photo quality that this printer produces. You will be shocked at how easy this printer is to set up and the fact that this can print wirelessly just adds to its already amazing feature list. If your idea of the best photo printers is the ones that can perform multitasking then this one is for you.


  • This printer comes with Wi-Fi Direct features that allow you to print directly from your smartphones and tablets without requiring a network. Moreover, we know that most printers cause quite disturbing noise when doing their work but this HP Envy 4520 can be set on Quiet Mode so you will be able to print pictures in a quiet room without causing disruptions. Just like its name, HP Envy 4520, this printer really is the envy of any other printer.
  • More features include a touchscreen, optional high-yield cartridges, and HP Instant Ink eligible. The Instant Ink will make sure you will never run out of ink, especially in the middle of printing which can be really troublesome.
  • You can scan to email and it offers duplex printing as well that ultimately helping you reduce paper use by 50%. The paper tray capacity is quite impressive which is up to 100 sheets.
  • You won’t have to trim anything for borderless photos that are printed right to the edge of the paper. The result? A beautiful photo print with professional quality!


  • You will be given a one-year warranty
  • Two samples number 63 cartridges are included in the package
  • The printers will still be able to print in black when it runs out of color


  • The scanner is functional as a document but might not be sufficient enough for a photo archive.
  • No ethernet
  • No fax

3. EPSON XP-640 Photo Printer

Another All-in-One printer that seems to be stealing everyone’s attention when it comes to printers. That is understandable though for who would decline such a chance to be able to save money? Instead of buying different machines to do different tasks, why not get one that is able to do everything like print, scan, copy and photos? And you can do it wirelessly too! Epson definitely should be on your wishlist if you are looking for a printer slash photo while trying to stay within your budget.


  • This Expression Premium XP-640 is abundant with creative features such as auto two-sided printing that guarantees will save more time and paper and the ability to print a 4-inch x 6-inch photo in less than 20 seconds. You can easily print your photos directly from your iPhone, iPad, or tablets and Android smartphones. You can either use a router or don’t because it is not a requirement.
  • This printer can produce vivid and clean borderless photos up to 8-inch x 10 inches and to top it off, there are trays dedicated just for printing photos and DVDs.
  • EPSON XP-640 comes in 2.7-inch LCD, PC-free printing, card slots, and built-in USB. Do you want to print photos directly from your Instagram and Facebook accounts? Simply use the Epson Creative Print App! You can automatically scan to Cloud and Facebook as well. What more do you want from this?
  • The package contains the color inkjet printer, setup and instruction manuals, CD-ROM with drivers and software compatible for Windows and Mac, power cord, and 5 Claria Premium ink cartridges (yellow, black, photo black and Cyan Magenta). Those inks provide you the ability to print stunning lab-quality photos and sharp clear texts.


  • This printer can deliver A4 size photos and print envelopes
  • Can work with a 220 Volt power socket


  • No Auto Document Feeder
  • No NFC feature

4. HP Sprocket Portable X7N07A

This portable photo printer offers a quick and easy photo printing activity. While most printers in general need ink to print photos, this one doesn’t. This doesn’t produce the best quality photos for the main idea is to offer an easy, quick and fun way to print pictures instantly. What you will get are polaroid-esque photos that give off a vintage vibe. The best printer for a photo does not always have to be those that offer complete features, sometimes the ones that provide the ultimate versatility win, like this one.


  • Your photos will be produced with printable stickers. So you can stick it anywhere you want
  • Despite its small size, this comes with great features such as ZINK Zero Ink technology, rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth 3.0. Inks are expensive for some people and running out of ink in the middle of printing can be annoying. This printer, however, uses heat to transform a pre-dyed sheet of paper into your photos. Moreover, if you care about looks, this one has a unique and stylish design
  • The print speed is 40 seconds which is quite reasonable for something that doesn’t use ink. The paper capacity is up to 10 sheets. This on-the-go printer is the crème de la crème of versatility.


  • Can access both your social media photos and phone’s gallery
  • You don’t have to use the blue paper every time you print and you can discard it after
  • Photos are smudge-proof and tear-resistant


  • Quality photo is not the best but still worth it

5. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Another fun and easy way to print your photos without the help of inks. This Polaroid ZIP Mobile printer doesn’t require an actual camera to do its job. You can print photos from various sources with this standalone mobile printer such as iOS, Android, Bluetooth, NFC and many more. The design is light with just 6.6 oz. in weight and measures a compact 2.9” x 4.7” x 0.9”.


  • Upon purchasing the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, you will also be given a Polaroid ZIP app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The process is really easy as well. You can edit your photos before printing by adding emojis, general text, links or voice recordings. Did you know you can also add a password-protected QR code? Providing you with a way to share secret information with others.
  • This on-the-go printer can print up to 25 photos per charge with a battery of 500 mAh. The package comes with a standard micro USB wire/port and built-in rechargeable battery and 10 sheets of Zink Paper. The size of the paper is 2×3” and they are sticky paper so you can peel off the back and attach them anywhere you want
  • Just like the previous portable printer, this one also uses Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology which saves you from spending money to buy inks. Bright and sharp photos can be delivered in under a minute. The Polaroid ZIP Mobile reproduces millions of vivid and high-resolution colors. The results are instantly dry as well so you are free to touch it immediately.


  • photos are smudge-proof
  • Only requires 1 and a half hour charging time


  • Quality pictures are standard.

6. Canon Office and Business MX922

Another Canon product that we like to recommend is the Canon Office and Business MX922. Canon printing is known to bring top-notch qualities so you shouldn’t miss out on your chance to check this stuff out. Just like any other Canon products, this one is rife with impressive features that make your photo printing activity easier.


  • Canon Office and Business MX922 can both print documents and photos as well as scan. Moreover, it comes with built-in Wi-Fi that allows for quick printing anywhere in the house. You can print directly from your Apple device with AirPrint as well. You can print straight from your Google docs and Gmail on your mobile device as well
  • This printer provides you with a way to use fewer papers and ink thanks to its integrated 35-sheet Duplex Auto Document Feeder. This printer comes with 5 individual ink system.
  • What if you run out of paper? You will not. Its high-capacity 250 sheets plain paper cassette allows you to focus on your work while never run out of paper.
  • The built-in Ethernet enables you to connect to an office or home network. To top it off, it features a high-speed business fax standard for color as well as PC facsimiles.


  • You can put it on Quiet Mode if you don’t like the noisy sound the printer makes
  • It prints envelopes


  • Not reliable for large offices.

7. Canon PIXMA Pro-100

This Canon PIXMA Pro-100 comes with 8 dye-based color inks that can guarantee to deliver crisp and vivid prints in color. This is the ultimate professional Inkjet printer you might be dreaming about. The features themselves promise high-quality output. You want a photo printer that can produce photos as good as how you capture them and how they look in your camera? This Canon PIXMA Pro-100 comes with an 8-ink dye based ChromaLife 100+ system that is able to deliver prints in awesome color gamut for vivid and vibrant results.


  • The Canon PIXMA Pro-100 comes in high technology and functionality like the Optimum Image Generating System. It has an OIG System too that can investigate each area of the print and then determine the best ink mixture so the results are exactly what you envision in your camera.
  • You can now print directly from your favorite photo applications as well thanks to its Print Studio Pro plug-in. To top it off, there is more connectivity option you can use such as Ethernet, USB, or Wi-Fi.
  • The Canon PIXMA Pro-100 puts a lot of thought in terms of media support. It has two paper trays. One is a manual slot for thick media that meets your needs while the other one is a rear tray for a variety of fine aesthetic and glossy photo papers.
  • This printer is compatible with pretty much all devices like Mac OS X v10.5.8 and 10.6, 10.7, Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP1, Vista SP2, and Windows XP SP3 32-bit.
  • The package is quite complete for it includes the printer, DVD/CD Disc printing tray, manuals, and other docs, setup CD-ROM, setup Ink tanks, power cord, print head, and USB cable.


  • Can print office documents
  • Can print on canvas


  • Scan ability is not included.

8. HP Envy 7640 (E4W43A)

We would like to recommend another HP Envy model that is just as good as the previous one. This multi-functional printer can print, scan, copy, fax and of course deliver photos. All of those tasks usually require different machines but in this advanced technology era, you can do it in just one. This HP Envy is rife with advanced features that is sure can make your home photo and mobile printing way easier.


  • This printer requires a super easy setup. You can do it on your smartphones, PC or tablets. It comes with Wi-Fi direct as well so you will be able to print without a network. Printing activity becomes 10 times better with the “walk up and print” feature where you can edit and then print by using the touchscreen, memory card slot, and easy-access USB port.
  • You can save more paper and ink thanks to its two-sided printing feature and you will get beautiful and professional photo results with its borderless printing capability.
  • Additional features include automatic document feeder, scan to email, NFC touch-to-print, HP instant ink eligible, Ethernet networking and optional high-yield cartridges. It also comes in a separate photo tray. You will also be able to benefit from the optional HP Instant Ink replacement service that can save up to 50% ink use


  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Can scan old photos
  • Able to scan multiple pages at a time


  • Doesn’t come with a USB cable

9. Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Wide-Format

Another printer that comes with impressive and advanced features you should take into consideration is Epson Stylus Photo R2000. A photo printer can deliver professional quality photos and those are what you will get from this professional level-printer, pigment-based inks that come in extra-large cartridge capacity. Just like any other advanced printing media, this one is capable to print anywhere in the house thanks to its wireless network and Ethernet connectivity.


  • You will be surprised at how many advantages this printer can offer. First off, it comes with UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 Ink as well as revolutionary MicroPiezo AMC print head. So, vivid, clear and glossy photo results can be expected when you use this photo print. It features exclusive AccuPhoto HG image technology that will make sure you will get photos with fine blends and consistent color along with smooth transitions.
  • It features 8 color pigment ink set and the high gloss microcrystal encapsulated inks include immediate color stability as well as instant dry properties so your prints will be smudge-proof, fade-resistant and of course water-resistant. To top it off, thanks to its auto-selecting photo and Matte Black inks you can get the deepest blacks and boldest matte colors in your photos.
  • The ink capacity is really impressive with this one for you can do 50% more printing between cartridge changes which saves you from downtime and increase your productivity. Moreover, you only need to replace the one that is empty for each color that comes with its own individual cartridge.
  • The package includes the printer, CD-ROM with software and drivers, CD print tray, roll paper holders, single-sheet guide, UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 Ink cartridges which contain eight 159-series Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 Ink cartridges (black, cyan, magenta, red, yellow, matte black, gloss optimizer, and orange).


  • It can print 12×12” cardstock
  • The printer can handle printing on chipboard, museum board, and matboard


  • The printing ability is not fast, only about 10 seconds are needed to print something like business letters

10. HP OfficeJet 4650

The last one in our quiver of photo printer products is HP OfficeJet 4650. This one is also an all-in-one printer where you can do not only photo printing but also scanning, copying, document printing as well as fax. Your busy and ever-growing business sure needs this one.


  • This printer requires a really easy setup and you can start printing immediately from your phones, tablets or computers. It features wireless printing as well so you can print anywhere in your home.
  • If the sound of the printer disturbs you then you can simply turn it on Quiet Mode.
  • Additional feature includes two-sided printing so you can save more paper and ink. It comes with an auto document feeder, NFC touch-to-print, borderless printing, and the ability to print 4×6 photos. The texts printed are in laser-quality and provide results in vivid and crisp color.
  • The compatible ink types include dye-based (color) and pigment-based (black). The HP instant ink eligible feature will make sure you are never running out of ink.


  • Able to automatically email by scanning
  • You still be able to print in black if the color ink cartridges are empty
  • Works with any smartphones


  • No Ethernet
  • Not recommended for business applications

Another Photo Printer to consider

– Canon IVY Portable Printer

To meet the needs of users in photo printing, Canon announces a lightweight and portable printer that can make it easier for you to print photos from a smartphone, called IVY. Interestingly, this printer is the smallest and lightest printer from Canon.

Canon IVY Mini comes with Zero-Ink ZINK technology. That is, to print photos, this tiny printer does not need ink. You only need a special paper called ZINK paper, which measures 2 × 3. It only takes about 50 seconds to print one photo.

To print photos from a smartphone, this printer relies on a Bluetooth connection. To make it easier for you to print photos, Canon also provides the Canon Mini Print application. Through the application, you can find various photo print options with additional other interesting features. Such as filters, frames, collages, adding text, and much more.


One of these photo printers surely meets the needs of everyone. Hopefully, this list of the best photo printers will make your decision-making process less daunting.

5 Factors on How to Determine the Best Color Photo Printer

How to do you determine the best color photo printer? It’s hard to do so without a guide or a set of factors to base your judgment upon. In order to make a judgment on a solid basis, here are some factors which you can use to determine the best color photo printer.

Factor #1: Printing Mechanism

There are two printing mechanisms that are ideal for photo printing: inkjet and dye sublimation. For everyday home photo and general printing needs, inkjet printers are best to use. But for professional photo printing, dye sublimation is much more preferable because it is capable of producing very good photos even with low resolutions of 300 dpi. An inkjet printer with a resolution of 4,800 dpi and a dye sublimation printer with a resolution of 300 dpi are comparably equal in quality.

Factor #2: Resolution

As stated above, the resolution of the photo printer plays a big part in the printout quality of the photo. For inkjet printers, the best resolutions that the printer should have are 4,800 to 9,600 dpi. For dye-sublimation printers, 300 dpi is enough to make excellent quality printers. But there are some dye-sublimation printers which can have resolutions up to 330 dpi.

Factor #3: Number of Ink Colors

For inkjet printers, this is a very important factor in the overall quality of photo printouts. Firstly, inkjet printers paint images onto paper, which is why ink plays a vital role in producing very accurate and detailed photos. The more inks a printer has, the more color-rich, vibrant, and precise the photos that it prints will be. If you compare the digital image on the screen of the computer and the printout of the printer, you will see very little difference, and sometimes you won’t even see any if the number of inks is high. Some inkjet printers have as many as 12 ink colors, each with a specific use or purpose.

Factor #4: Number of Nozzles

This is another important factor in determining the quality of an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers use nozzles which serve as the paintbrushes which paint the images onto paper. If a printer has more nozzles, this makes the device a much more accurate, detailed printer. It can emphasize even the smallest details on the image, the slightest changes in the colors of the photo, the most intricate shades and shadows. Some inkjet printers have as few as around 1,000 nozzles while there are others which are as many as 7,000 nozzles.

Factor #5: Direct Photo Printing Features

The direct photo printing features of a printer include PictBridge and USB connectivity, memory card slots, infrared connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and other possible methods that make printing from a direct source easier using the printer. You don’t need to use a computer anymore to be able to print photos. You just need to connect the various media which can be supported by the printer and use the printer’s ease of use features to navigate and operate it. The LCD display and the control panel allow you to manipulate the device, edit photos, and print them in a cinch.


The best color photo printer 2023 can be measured in different ways, but only by using these factors will you really be able to make a fair judgment. Following these, you can get the most ideal photo printer that you’re looking for.