Top 10 Best Printers for Infrequent Use 2023

If you don’t print too much, knowing the candidates for the best printers for infrequent use can be handy. You know how to manage your activity and you know how much to spend for the printing job. There are tons of good products out there that are worth your money. You won’t have to spend a fortune on it and yet you can still enjoy the satisfying results.

You can still maintain the condition of the printer although you may not use it too often. So, what are the brands that you can consider? Let’s check the list below!

HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer

This is basically a multifunctional device that can print, make copies, and scan. The quality of the print is impressive – sharp and detailed. It is also easy to install and set up. Plus, it also supports wireless and AirPrint, so it is super helpful to manage your work efficiently.

However, despite all the great benefits offered by this printer, the monthly subscription is ridiculous. If you cancel the membership, HP will deactivate the printer so you won’t be able to use it.

What’s the point of having an unusable printer, anyway? When it comes to quality, yes, this is a good one. But for service, you may want to think about it again.

HP Deskjet 1112 Compact Printer

This simple device is great in doing its main job: printing. Don’t expect it to scan, make copies, or fax. It doesn’t support wireless printing either. However, you can expect it to deliver impressive printing quality whether for printing documents or colored image printing.

The printer is compact and super light – you can simply fit it into your shelf, desk, or anywhere else without having to dedicate a specific room for it. It comes with an Energy Star certificate which means it doesn’t consume a lot of energy.

It is one of the best printers for infrequent use because of the quality, the easy setting, and the features that come with the device. It is truly worth your spending.

Brother Monochrome Printer L2300D

This printer can perform a very good job in printing. It supports duplex printing to save papers, and it can print up to 26 pages per minute – which isn’t bad at all.

It isn’t a multifunctional device and it certainly doesn’t support WiFi connection either. But if you are looking for a high-quality printing result without having to load the paper tray over and over again, this one is pretty good.

It is able to accommodate 250 papers and you can still enjoy USB printing – meaning that you must connect a USB to the port.

Canon Printer TS6320

This machine is able to handle all the printing jobs flawlessly. It has a nice combination of the LED status bar and OLED display screen in 1.44 inches to deliver information about the printer’s status. With this combo, you can enjoy flexible and efficient operation. It is also a perfect printer for both busy and infrequent use.

Since it is using the individual tank system, you only have to replace that particular tank running out of ink, instead of replacing all of them.

The printing quality is absolutely flawless, and the overall setting tweak and management are also convenient.

HP Wireless OfficeJet 5255 Printer

This printer does a good job of printing, scanning, and making copies. The ink doesn’t easily dry either, which makes it one of the best printers for infrequent use.

Setting up the printer as well as tweaking the setting is a breeze. Even if you aren’t a tech savvy person, this won’t burden you at all.

The combination of good quality and easy operation is a winning element although the ink arrangement can be confusing and a bit complicated.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 Wireless Printer

Having this device is handy because you can enjoy the easiness of making copies, printing, and scanning without having to buy many machines. It also supports wireless printing and AirPrint printing – very efficient in helping you manage your printing job.

It has its own LCD display screen in 4.3 inch – quite convenient for offline operation and management. Rest assured that you will get the best benefits from this machine.

This printer is specifically designed to meet all your needs, you can print, scan and fax your photos or documents easily, it also comes with a 5 color individual ink system to make your documents/photos look professional and complete connectivity options.

Epson WF-2750 Wireless Printer

There are tons of things to love about this printer. First, it is a multifunctional device which means that you can scan, print, and make copies conveniently and easily. Second, it supports laser print technology that will ensure the quality of your print.

It is definitely black and sharp – and it is high in quality. It has auto duplex printing that can help you save paper – and also money in the long run. It can deliver professional-quality outputs at speeds of 13. 7 ppm for black and 7. 3 ppm for color.

And let’s not forget that the paper tray can accommodate 150 papers, allowing you to have an efficient operation without having to reload the paper again and again.

Canon TS5120 Wireless Scanner Printer

As one of the best printers for infrequent use, this multifunctional machine can help you manage your work effortlessly and you won’t have to spend tons of money to buy different items either. With only a single device, you can scan, make copies, and print – and you can also manage the setting quite effortlessly.

The OLED display screen will help with an efficient operation because you can see the information about the printer easily. the printing quality is also superb and satisfying. But you need to remember that this machine is focused on making the prints high in quality – not in abundance.

Is it slow? Well, it is definitely not the fastest device. But in terms of quality, you can depend on it.

Brother Printer Monochrome-HL-L6200DW

Looking for a modern device that can help you with your printing job? This product from Brother can be a good option. The printer is compact, with expandable trays here and there to accommodate a busy printing job.

The machine also supports wireless printing which means that you don’t need to connect it to your devices. Simply manage the connection with a few presses of a button, and voila! You are good to go.

Printing quality is good – it is black, sharp, and clear. This printer has large paper capacity of 520 sheets and Advance security features that can help you to protect the printer from unwanted document/device access and it also secures your network.

HP Compact V1N07A Printer

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple device because this machine should be able to handle almost everything efficiently and effectively. First of all, this is a machine that can make copies, print, and scan altogether. It also supports AirPrint and wireless printing – pretty handy to make your printing job easier.

You can even scan or print on the go, thanks to the various apps. But the ink drains quickly and it doesn’t work with other types of cartridges, which actually will make you spend more than you should have. Not to mention that connecting it to the WiFi system is a true drama unless you are a professional and tech guy.

Yes, the quality is just amazing and if you can keep up with the technical issues, you will find that it is a true bargain.


Those are some of the candidates for your not-so-busy printing job. Simply choose one among these best printers for infrequent use and you should be able to enjoy the perks, for sure!