What is the Best Printer Without Ink Cartridge ??

When it’s time to choose the best printer without ink cartridge, a big question is; is there any? Here I say; why not? If you think it is hard to find the right device related to the simplicity and mini size, well, you are totally wrong.

Now you are finding and peeping at our page. Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo printer is the only one you are looking for. So, stop searching now and read on the review of the product to ensure yourself about how the product looks like and how it works the function.

Canon IVY Mobile Mini Printer is The Best Mini Photo Printer Without Ink Cartridge

Now that Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer comes amazingly and specifically, you don’t have to worry anymore. The highlight of the product offered is the use of Bluetooth and it comes with zero ink technology. Yup. You will just use the Bluetooth to send a print job and what you want to print is just printed out.

Here are the features and specifications of the printer you can read on later.

Product Information

As the best printer without ink cartridge, the Canon IVY Mobile Mini printer has dimensions of 4.7 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches along with a weight of 5.6 ounces. However, the shipping weight can reach 11.2 ounces if you purchase this mini printer. 3204C001 is the item model number. So, if you really want to take it home, make sure you recognize the right number.


This kind of printer machine comes with a single function that is a printer only. It is just a mini printer you can bring anywhere you want.

Bluetooth and Social Media Compatibility

Surprisingly, the Canon IVY Mobile Mini printer is able to print your photo through Bluetooth and social media. This means that you are enabled to pick up your photos from your social media account and print them instantly. Additionally, you can also pick up your desired photos out of your smartphone and get connected with the printer via Bluetooth.

Photo Printing

Canon IVY Mobile Mini printer is specialized in photo printing. Thus, you can definitely purchase this machine to support your photo printing business. This way, you can just pick up any desired photo from your smartphone and directly print 2 x 3 inches photos with a peel and stick black. You can even customize the photos by adding frames, stickers, texts, filters and etc. and finally print them nicely.


As the best printer without ink cartridge, the Canon IVY Mobile mini printer fits your pocket due to its portability. Bring everywhere and get your photos printed anytime and anywhere else. So, whenever you plan a journey, this pocket printer can be the best companion to save your memories.


Conclusively, the Canon IVY Mobile Mini printer is good at photo printing. Along with the easy connection which uses Bluetooth, you can just easily send the print job to print the photos from your smartphone as well as social media account. The portable feature is the main reason why most people like using this mini printer. Fitting to your pocket, you can easily bring it anywhere around the journey.