What Kind of Printer is Best For Me?

Choosing a printer that fits your needs can be an overwhelming task. There are several different types of printers, they come in all shapes and sizes and a there are a wide range of manufacturers to choose from. For some people, size and portability may be an issue, while others may be concerned about color quality, speed or the expense of ink cartridges. Whether you are a home user, an aspiring writer, amateur photographer or a small business entrepreneur there is a printer that is right for you.

Home Office User

People require a lot from their home-based printers. Kids need to write school reports, print items off the internet, and parents may need to print photos or write newsletters and other documents. Versatility, without too much expense, is the goal for a home-based printer. A versatile and affordable choice is a small office color inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are not quite as fast at printing word documents but they definitely are the choice for photo printing and give you a lot of versatility without giving up too much efficiency. If you are really concerned about quickly printing documents, you can get a laser printer and a smaller inkjet or dedicated photo printer for your pictures if you want to print them.

Aspiring Writer

If want to turn your passion or your child’s passion for writing into a full time occupation, a laser printer is probably the right choice for your printing needs. A laser printer can produce page after page of text. A good laser printer costs around $400 but they cost less to operate than inkjet printers. However, unless you pay a lot of money, they only print in black and white. An inexpensive laser printer is probably the best choice for a college student.

Digital Photographer

For photo enthusiasts, it is important to consider your inkjet options so that you can maximize functionality and quality in your prints. If you only take an occasional photograph, a letter-size inkjet printer will work best for you. It can handle a wide variety of printing tasks and produce fairly good quality pictures. Smaller, dedicated photograph printers can print directly from cameras or memory cards and have a LCD screen to preview your pictures. Another option might be a multi-function printer, which has many of the features of snapshot printers plus the best of traditional inkjet printers.

Small Business Owner

If you do a lot of work from home or run a small business, a multifunction printer will probably be an excellent choice to fulfill your needs. Multifunction or all-in-one printers, combine a bunch of different functions in one machine. These printers can print, fax, copy or scan documents. They save space and money and come in either inkjet or laser printing.

Executive On The Go

For people who want to print wherever they go, there are portable printers that weigh as little as 2 pounds and usually come with a battery or charger to make it convenient for traveling. Of course, it’s usually a lot easier to travel without a printer and find one wherever you go. The widespread use of printers makes this a relatively easy task.

In Conclusion

Think about how you’re using the printer and make a decision on the type of printer that will best for your needs. Good luck and keep your printer supplied with ink!