What To Look For When Buying Cheap Photo Ink

Original ink cartridges get the best result in tests. But how much better is original photo printer ink and is it even worth your money?

To make photo printer ink deliver the good printouts is very complex. If the printer ink does not have the thickness the ink cartridge can get blocked. A lot of 3 part fabricates make ink cartridges for many different brands and models and therefore have less time to find the perfect thickness. If the printer ink does not have the right thickness the nozzles will over time most likely get blocked. Buying a new ink cartridge will therefore be the only option.

Colors Makes It Even More Difficult To Make Quality Ink

Especially when it comes to color photo print using unoriginal ink cartridges can be a problem. Besides the thickness the color nuances have to be just right and it has to have durability as well. Also when the colors mix they have to mix the right way on the paper.

Quality Photo Paper Is A Very Important Factor When It Comes To Producing Good Prints

The king of photo paper you use is very important when it comes to the durability of your prints. On of the most important factors is the paper ability to absorb the printer ink. The ink should stay in the precise spot where the nozzles put it. If the paper is of a bad quality the ink will start running and create unsharp edges. The ink and the paper have to fit together to get the best results.

Can Cheap Photo Printer Ink Produce Quality Print?

It is possible to find and buy cheap printer ink that can give good results. If you are going to printer color images it is however a good idea to buy from a merchant that sells its own printer ink and photo paper. This way the ink and photo paper will fit together and produce quality print.

If you choose to buy printer ink from a third party you can save up to 65% on your printer inks. You should however avoid the dealers that sell very cheap ink; the very cheapest ink will often give you problems. So the key point when it comes to buying cheap ink is to find the right dealer.

If you want the absolute best results original ink and original photo paper is the way to go – the price will however for most printer brands be very high. If you buy cheap ink and paper from the right dealer you can however get very good results and it will be around 50% cheaper.