Wireless Printer Adapters – Are They Worth Buying?

Truth be told, the answer to this question is dependent on your use of printers. It’s also dependent on your views on network wiring as safety hazards. However, if we are going to consider the opinion of the general populace, the answer will be yes. A wireless printer adapter doesn’t cost that much. The TP-Link 802.11 b/g Wireless Printer Adapter is one of the popular products at Amazon and you can get it for no more than $50.

Let’s proceed now to answer the question, “Are they worth buying?” The term worth is very relative to how you value the features of the device. If at $50, you feel that they are too expensive, then you’re part of the population that would be saying no to this question. Anyway, for $50, the following advantages and features are offered to you should you buy this device.

This wireless printer adapter basically converts your printer into a wireless printer, regardless if your printer is a laser, inkjet, or multi-functional printer. This offers you the advantage of not having the need to be tied down to your printer. You can work anywhere within the range of the signal. This is perfect for home use especially if you’re using a laptop around the house or if you have a number of terminals at home.

This device eliminates safety hazards. To be more specific, this device eliminates the need for cables. There is no need for you anymore to be physically connected to the printer since it can be accessed using Wi-Fi. If you have a laptop, chances are your laptop is already wireless-ready, which means you can connect to the printers without any cables. In a way, it also eliminates the cost of printer cables.

This device allows your printer to be accessed by multiple users at the same time. Of course, it won’t print different documents at once. It has to put the tasks on the queue on do them one by one. However, this also eliminates the need for multiple users to be physically connected to the printer. At one time, this device can be connected to seven different wireless machines, be it a wireless laptop, PDA, or mobile phone.

The advantages offered by the HP 802.11 b/g Wireless Printer Adapter are generally offered by most wireless printer adapters. Some may even have longer ranges as well as compatibility with more printers. There are also others, which use a different type of wireless connectivity like Bluetooth. As with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is also a very common interface for mobile gadgets and would certainly be an asset as well. So if you are to choose between an adapter that uses 802.11 b/g and one that uses Bluetooth, be sure to choose the type that is common to your existing gadgets. Otherwise, you’ll be spending some more for another type of adapter.

The advantages that wireless printer adapters offer are so much more than $50. You can’t just a price on convenience and safety. Well, maybe you can but it’s sure to be a lot more than $50. Therefore, the bottom line is, wireless printer adapters are worth buying.